Connect Church 2024 Cohort Application

Thank you for your interest in Connect Church coaching.
Connect Church is a program offered by the NC Rural Center's Faith in Rural Communities aimed to help churches renew their faithful witness and connect with opportunities to improve the health and prosperity of their communities. It is funded through the generous support of The Duke Endowment.
The one year Connect Church program provides in-person coaching, training, and resources to increase your church’s missional engagement impact. Our coaches and experts focus on your church and your community.

Your church creates a church team of 6-10 people interested in leading missional engagement. This team agrees to meet at least twice per month over the nine months and participate in three Saturday workshops.
What we offer:
  • monthly coaching for a team of church leaders;
  • assistance in understanding the community's and the church’s assets;
  • networking with other churches asking the same questions;
  • a grant up to $10,000 for eligible churches to launch a new or expanded missional engagement project.  
  • September 30 | Application period closes.
  • November 30 | Accepted applicants are notified.
If you have any questions about the program or application, contact Darren Crotts at or 336-909-1919.

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Please answer these questions in a narrative format with enough detail to give the application review committee enough information to have an accurate picture of your church community.

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