Officials Support for Provincial Competitions

Program Information


  • Limited to officials placed by Swim Alberta, including the Advisory Referee, Referee, and the Starter.
  • The official must volunteer a minimum number of sessions (or days), based on the type of competition.  The Officials role may vary, for example, a referee may work as a Judge of Stroke during another session.
  • Officials must have a current ‘active’ official’s account on the Swimming Canada database.
  • Officials travel must be a minimum of 50km to the competition.
  • Advisory Referee’s and Referee’s attending the competition for an evaluation are eligible.

 Not Eligible

  • Officials shadowing the referee or starter position.
  • Officials who do not work the required number of sessions, unless approved by Swim Alberta (e.g. illness or injury)

 Shifts Required

  • Festivals & Masters Provincials (2 sessions each) – work both days
  • Provincial Trials (2.5 days) – minimum 3 sessions
  • Provincial Championships (3.5 days) & Summer Provincials (4 days) – minimum 4 sessions 

Expense Submission

  • summary and total of eligible expenses
  • receipts of eligible expenses
  • banking info or void cheque, if not on file 

Applicant Information

Competition Information

The following are the required submissions and maximums for eligible expenses.

Hotel* - Submission of receipt, $150 maximum per day
Transportation - Submission of Gas Receipt(s)
Meals - Submission of meal receipts, maximum $50 per day
     *Swim Alberta currently books the hotel for the Advisory Referee