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Fall Sweep 2023 Wrap-Up Report                                                                                                Fall Sweep Logo

Thank you for participating in KTB's annual Fall Sweep! 

Please fill out the required information below in order to fulfill your Fall Sweep reporting requirements for 2023. On the second page, you will have an opportunity to upload photos from your event, and to share any anecdotes from your events that you'd like KTB to know about. Please email ktbcleanup@ktb.org with any questions you may have about completing this report. 

All wrap-up reports for Fall Sweep 2023 are due no later than Wednesday, December 6th 2023.
General Information

Event Info

If submitting one wrap up for multiple events of the same type (i.e. 4 Trash Off events), select the date of the first event if the events occurred on different days.

Clean-Up Event Notice

In order to complete your requirements, you must complete a separate trash report for each clean-up location in the Texas Litter Database. 

Please visit the following link: Enter Your Trash Report for Fall Sweep 2023

If you encounter any difficulty logging into the database, entering your report, or if you have any other questions about completing your requirements, please register for one of KTB's Fall Sweep 2023 Office Hours Sessions below: 

Those people who have active working involvement in an event. A volunteer does work that would otherwise be done by a paid staff person.

# volunteers x total hours worked

Those people who actively contribute to an event or ongoing program (in a way other than just attending), such as at a recycling drive or recycling drop-off center.


Community: people living in a particular city, neighborhood, district or parish having the common interest in and impacted by the program.

Such as scout groups, church groups, etc.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One 30 gallon bag of plastic bottles = estimated 5 pounds

One 30 gallon bag of clothes = estimated 30 pounds

Community Greening


For example, school presentation or train the trainer.

For example, recycle collection events, booths at events/fairs/festivals, etc.

Page 2

Feel free to upload high quality images of your event, including the volunteers or participants at work.  Please label photos with Affiliate Name. 

By submitting photos, you are giving consent to photo use at will for promotional purposes by KTB.*