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SAPIR Partnership Event 
What We Miss When We Misunderstand Antisemitism  
Tue / Oct 17 / 7:00 pm / 87th Street and Online  
Bret Stephens, Roya Hakakian, and Rabbi Cosgrove  

Taking a closer look at contemporary antisemitism, SAPIR Editor-in-Chief Bret Stephens and contributor Roya Hakakian examine the many misconceptions about this unique hatred. What distinguishes antisemitism from racism and ethnic bigotry? What does anti-Zionism look like through the eyes of someone forced to flee Iran? Is Holocaust education the solution to this oldest hatred, and if not, what is? Stephens and Hakakian challenge us to widen our lens of what it means to defend Zionism, to fight for peace and democracy, and to counteract Jewish hatred through Jewish thriving. 

This event is presented in partnership with SAPIR: Ideas for a Thriving Jewish Future  

Bret Stephens is the Editor-in-Chief of SAPIR, and an Op-Ed columnist at the New York Times. He was previously at the Wall Street Journal, where he served as deputy editorial page editor and, for 11 years, a foreign affairs columnist. Before that, he was editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post. 

Roya Hakakian is an author, journalist, and poet. Her award-winning memoir, Journey from the Land of No: A Girlhood Caught in Revolutionary Iran, has been translated into several languages, and her most second book, The Assassins of the Turquoise Palace about Iran’s terror campaign against exiled Iranian dissidents in Western Europe, was named a Notable Book of 2011. Roya’s work appears in several print and television media outlets including CBS 60 Minutes, and The Atlantic. 

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