PAVE's Pierce Parent to Parent Support Groups, Sept. 2023-June 2024 

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PAVES Pierce "Parent 2 Parent Support Groups” offers a nurturing space for caregivers to connect, share experiences, and find guidance. Parents come together to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and exchange practical strategies in raising children with disabilities. Through mutual understanding and empathy, this group provides emotional support, valuable resources, and a sense of community, helping families navigate the unique journey of caring for their exceptional children with care and strength.

Please note that all parent support groups supply the following:

  • An intentional space for parents to find others who share their life experiences.
  • Facilitated meetings/gatherings focused on several topics that reflect the parent's/caregiver's perspective and needs on raising children/youth/adults with disabilities.
  • Information and resources on PAVE programs, services, and upcoming events.
  • Live parent-to-parent emotional support

*Additionally, support groups specific to a cultural and linguistic community (Native, Spanish-speaking, and Black & African American families) will be supported by a PAVE facilitator that is a cultural/linguistic match for the families served. 

Click on the "support groups" link below to read a description of each of the parent groups.

Support Groups

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PAVE Community Agreement

PAVE's support groups are safe and inclusive spaces where individuals share their experiences, offer understanding, and provide emotional support. We respect and value each member's perspectives, ensuring confidentiality and non-judgment. We encourage active listening, empathy, and compassion towards one another, fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect.

Our community agreement was created to promote open and honest communication, where members can respectfully express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, supported, and trusting community space. PAVE support groups are dedicated to fostering personal growth, resilience, and a sense of community among its members. 

Please take a moment to read through each agreement before submitting your registration.

  • No PAVE staff facilitator, volunteer, or presenter shall utilize a support group for personal gain. 
  • We are a group with a common bond sharing our parenting challenges, understanding, and wisdom.  
  • We listen, explore options, and express our feelings while showing kindness and compassion for everyone. 
  • We support this as a judgment-free zone. We do not prescribe or diagnose but offer encouragement, empathy, and constructive advice.
  • We know what we share is confidential and have the right to remain anonymous.  Do not share personal information or stories about other members outside this group without explicit permission.
  • We have the right to take part in any discussion or not. We must actively listen when someone is talking and avoid having side conversations.  
  • We encourage "I" statements, so everyone speaks in the first person.  
  • All are welcome to share, but participation is optional. No one person should monopolize group time. 
  • Avoid interrupting. If an interruption occurs, we return the conversation to the person who was speaking.  
  • We each share the responsibility for making the group work. 
  • We may not always agree; discussions should always remain respectful and refrain from personal attacks.

By attending and participating in PAVE support groups, you acknowledge and agree to these guidelines and commit to contributing positively to all members' collective support and growth.

*We want to assure you that your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. When you register for any of the support groups, please rest assured that your personal information will never be shared with any third parties. We are committed to safeguarding your data and ensuring that it remains confidential.