Next Stage: Artist Experiences 2023

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Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond to the Next Stage Artist Survey. Your insights will help to shape the future of the Next Stage initiative

This survey consists of four sections:

  1. About your experience of disability 
  2. Crafting a sustainable and accessible career
  3. Artist development priorities 
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Monitoring (optional)  

The anonymous survey is running for six weeks, closing at 11pm on Thursday 30th November

If you are not already a member of our Next Stage network for disabled artists, you can join the network via this link.

If you are unable to fill out this form due to access needs, please email for Word Document version.

Examples of what this could look like.

  • Developmental Artist 
    • Earliest stage of career and is connected to local scene, has a musical practice. 
    • Currently exploring artistic identity. Working on releasing first EP or Album, may have applied for funding of under £10k. Played at local venue. Currently building a fanbase and team.
  • Emerging Artist   
    • Music Creation & Marketing budget is over £15k, has distributed music that consistently playlisted on platforms like Spotify or BBC Radio, played venues and festivals. 
    • Has a sizeable fanbase that actively purchase music or attends lives shows. 
    • May have received recognition through awards or press coverage. Transitioned from self-management to having management deal or distribution deal.
  • Established Artist 
    • Contributed to a catalogue of music that has cultural and financial impact in their own scene
    • Recognized by wider industry, played across national and international festivals and venues.
  • World Builder Artist  
    • Has as clear and recognized artist brand and catalogue, predominantly makes money from their music alone, has a day-to-day team equivalent of a major label. Likely to be a featured performer on line up e.g. Headliner

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Crafting a sustainable and accessible career in live music
This next set of questions seek to understand your current confidence levels in moving across the music industry. The first page will focus on preforming experiences and expectations.

Please feel free to respond even if you have never played live before. 

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Crafting a sustainable and accessible career through funding and promotion 
This next set of questions seeks to understand your current confidence levels in moving across the music industry in particular your access to resources and support.  

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Artist Development Areas
Artist Development is a continuous process. The next set of questions seeks to understand what your areas you want to focus on.

By responding to these questions you help to shape how share our events program and learning resources. The following question are multiple choice.

Our Next Stage Initiative currently includes activities such as our monthly calls and discord channel. We really want to build a sense of community for our artists. The next set of questions focus on this.

Enter our prize draw

Two entrants, will have the chance to win:

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams by Emily White

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Complete our Equal Opportunities monitoring form

Before you hit 'submit', we would be very grateful if you could spare us a few more minutes and complete our separate Equal Opportunities monitoring form. 

This anonymous form helps us to better understand who is in our networks as we work to ensure that we include everyone. 

Complete the form here (opens in a new window)