Puppy Raiser Application


In order to qualify, you must agree to and be able to follow a strict schedule and protocol/training methods. Please read through the required qualifications below to be sure you are able to commit to the requirements before applying. 

Thank you for your willingness and time!
Time / Schedule Commitment

  • Puppy Raisers will have the puppy full-time for a period of 4-6 months. You will attend an initial orientation that will cover all that you will need to know about how to care for your puppy. The orientation can take up to three days to complete and is generally during a weekend class ( typically Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).
  • It is important that you have a safe home environment for a puppy, and that your home is puppy proof. For this reason, we will conduct a home visit to help you puppy proof your home and make any changes that might be needed before bringing the puppy home.
  • Time commitment is key, We ask that our puppies not be in their kennel for more than three hours at a time (with exception of nighttime). It is important that puppies do not sit in their kennels as they develop boredom quickly and will start bad habits like chewing on things they shouldn't.
  • Our puppies are sponsored throughout Columbia by our Valued Vet sponsors. PAALS will cover any vet costs that are not covered by the sponsor. PAALS will also provide puppy equipment (collar, body harness, leash, seat belt harness), and we will give you a starter pack of food. We ask that the puppy raiser covers the cost of the puppy's food while the puppy is in your care (PAALS can assist where needed). PAALS will provide appropriate toys, but you are welcome to purchase more for your puppy!


  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older
    • Older under-aged teens can take on the responsibility of raising a puppy as long as the parent or guardian agrees to share the responsibility. An adult over 18 becomes primary raiser, and the older teen becomes co-raiser.
  • Able to commit at least 4 months to full-time puppy raising
  • Reliable transportation to attend classes, puppy outings and vet appointments
  • Have no more than one dog in your household.  Your dog must be spayed or neutered and be at least 1-year of age. (Other animals welcome) All animals must be current on vaccinations and preventatives. 
  • The primary puppy raiser must be physically capable of handling a large-breed dog. Also, every member of the household must agree to adhere to our specific puppy raising guidelines and training techniques. It's a good idea to involve the whole family or household to assure that everyone is on board, and everyone agrees to share the responsibility and follow the protocols.
  • Puppy raisers are required to participate twice a month in training sessions at the PAALS facility (unless otherwise noted) at 221 N Grampian Hills Road, Columbia. These sessions will be scheduled in advance; please check your correspondence should anything change.

Unfortunately you are not qualified at this time to be accepted as a PAALS foster volunteer. Please fill out a CONTACT FORM and we can discuss further options. 

Page 2: Basic Information

We're so happy to have willing volunteers like you! 

This form has questions that will help us assure that our puppies are safe, and that pup raisers and their families are fully prepared for this fun and rewarding experience.

Puppy Raiser (Primary) Information

Training/Professional Dog Care


Home & Community


List all names and relationships of other family members who will be involved in raising a puppy. 
Full Name Relationship Disability
(if applicable)

NOTE: PAALS puppies must be raised as house dogs
Present Pet Dog Information

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* During the application process, proof of vaccinations for all of your pets must be submitted.
* During the application process, proof of vaccinations for all of your pets must be submitted.


Please provide 1 dog related reference (Veterinarian, Obedience Instructor, breeder)
Dog related Reference

Please provide a personal reference such as a current PAALS volunteer, member of a mutual organization you volunteer, etc.)
Personal Reference


We are so grateful to our volunteers. We could not do this without you!

This is the end of your application.  We will contact you soon!

PAALS Non-Discrimination Policy
It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age or disability.

Additional Information May Be Requested

PAALS reserves the right to request additional information on anyone else in the household during the application and review process.