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Don't see your organization name in the Organization Name field? If this is your first application to California for All Animals, please fill out this questionnaire before creating your More Pets and People Together Grant application:

If you have applied previously but don't see your organization name, please contact

Primary Contact

The primary contact will be notified when funding decisions have been made. If funded, California for All Animals (C4AA) will send the grant agreement and grant reporting requests to the primary contact.

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Tell us about your current outcomes and intake prevention processes. This baseline information will allow us to gain an overview of processes across the state of California and understand your organization’s starting point.

Please select the option that best represents your current operations in the following 12 questions. Skip any processes or policies that do not apply to your operations.

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Project Focus

The goal of the California for All Animals program is to reduce the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in shelters. That means all shelters in California are able to provide every animal at risk with the Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time to the Right Outcome. To reach this goal, we are focusing on removing barriers and building bridges in four key areas: intake prevention, return to home, foster and adoption.

Project Proposal

Please answer the questions below. You may also submit supplemental information such as videos, photos, diagrams, sketches or anything else that helps tell the story of your project. Feel free to be creative and share your vision and what you hope to accomplish! We will accept any file format for the supplemental materials. 

If you have an existing format for proposals or a recent submission to another funder, feel free to upload that as well. We want this to be an inclusive and engaging process for you.

Project Goals

Please include 2-5 SMART goals for your project. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. See an example on page 13 of the From Barriers to Bridges Action Kit.

The format of the SMART goals can be bullet points and as brief as 1-2 sentences. Generally speaking, the more involved your proposed project, the more SMART goals you may need to set.

Implementation Plan

Tell us how you will implement your goals and who will be involved in implementing them. The format of your answers can be bullet points or full sentences, and we’ve set a 900-character limit for each of the questions below.

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Supplemental material


Submit a budget for the proposed project. Include length of time, start-up costs, operating costs and any supplies you may need. You may upload a file of your own or use our template.