Keyfest Exam Stream Enrollment Form 2023-2024

* n/a for flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone. There is only one exam for these levels for these instruments.

PLEASE NOTE: All exam stream students that do not select an exam stream session will be automatically scheduled for a June/July Exam Date

Rescheduling Policy: If you wish to change your exam session, you have until the exam registration deadline for each session to do so. Otherwise there will be a $40.00 rescheduling fee charged. (example: deadline for the February exam registration is November 15th, therefore you have until November 15th to notify the Exams Department that you want to do your exam in the February session or move from the February session to a later session)

Refund Policy: The exam stream fee is non-refundable. If you wish to withdraw from exam stream mid-year, we will stop your monthly payments however all fees that have already been paid will not be refunded. Students that pay in full will have the remainder of their exam stream fee refunded from the date of withdrawal.