2024 Retreat Family Application

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Program Information:

  • Lighthouse Family Retreats are held in rented hotel rooms, donated homes, condos, and townhomes.

  • Each retreat is comprised of up to 12 families living through childhood cancer.

  • Family-centered activities are planned daily to provide special attention to each family member and an opportunity for families to renew their strength, hope, and love.

  • Retreat families are paired with trained volunteers called Family Partners, who take care of daily needs such as laundry, meals, etc. ensuring families can focus on spending time together.

Program Eligibility:

  • Families must have a child who is 18 years of age or younger and currently on treatment or no more than one-year post treatment.

  • Immediate family members living at home may attend a retreat (limited to 2 adults and siblings under the age of 21). Single parents are welcome to bring a support person.

  • Retreats fill on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to first-time families.

  • Families are responsible for travel to and from retreat. All costs associated with lodging, food, and planned retreat activities while on the retreat are covered by Lighthouse Family Retreat. Families in-need may apply for a travel supplement.

  • All children with cancer must have a medical consent form completed by their doctor to attend the retreat.

Retreat Dates
2024 Retreat Dates

Retreat 2: April 1-6
Retreat 3: April 1-6
Retreat 4: May 27-June 1
Retreat 5*: June 3-8 (St. Simons, GA)
Retreat 6: June 3-8
Retreat 7: June 10-15 (St. Simons, GA)
Retreat 8: June 10-15
Retreat 9: June 17-22 (St. Simons, GA)
Retreat 10: June 17-22
Retreat 11: June 24-29 (St. Simons, GA)
Retreat 12: June 24-29
Retreat 13**: July 1-6 (Emerald Isle, NC)
Retreat 14: July 1-6
Retreat 15: July 8-13 (Emerald Isle, NC)
Retreat 16: July 8-13
Retreat 17: July 15-20 (Emerald Isle, NC)
Retreat 18: July 15-20
Retreat 19: July 22-27 (Emerald Isle, NC)
Retreat 20: July 22-27
Retreat 21: September 23-28 (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

Please note: Retreats will be held on the Florida Panhandle unless otherwise specified above.

Simultaneous retreats will be running in separate locations throughout the retreat season.

Dates and locations are subject to change.

*Retreat 5 will be our Single Parent Retreat.

**Retreat 13 will be our Military Family Retreat.

Retreat Choices
Primary Parent/Legal Guardian Information

Child with Cancer Information

Second Adult?
A second adult must be the cancer child's parent/step-parent unless you are a single parent.
If you are a single parent you are welcome to bring a support person who has supported you through your family's cancer journey.  
Adult 2 Information

In order to attend a retreat, siblings need to be under the age of 21 and currently living at home.
Please complete the Sibling Information section below for each sibling that will be attending the retreat.
Sibling Information

To add another sibling, click on "Add another response" above.
Family Information

Note: A separate Travel Assistance application will be sent to you. It will need to be completed and signed by you and your Social Worker.
Family Favorites
Please share each family member's favorites for each category below.
Example: Mom - Chocolate Kisses; Dad - Gummy Bears; Brian - Twix Bars; Jane - Sour Worms

Media Release
I hereby grant permission to Lighthouse Family Retreat to use or publicly display my photograph or my child’s photograph, video image, or audio clip on the organization’s website, individual web pages, or in other official publications without further notice.  I acknowledge the organization’s right to crop, edit, or treat the photograph, video or audio clip at its discretion.

I also understand that once my photograph, or my child’s photograph, video image or audio clip is published on a website, it can be downloaded by any computer user, on or offsite.  I understand my name or my child’s name may be published along with any photo or video picture.

Therefore, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the members and/or staff of Lighthouse Family Retreat, it’s officers, employees, agents, successors and assignees (the “indemnified parties”) from and against any and all claims and liabilities resulting from this publishing.