Project 55 Partnership Application (2024-25)

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Inspire Social Change with a Project 55 Fellow! 

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Princeton AlumniCorps' Project 55 Fellowship! We're thrilled for the mutual opportunity for you to work with a recent Princeton graduate serving as one of our Fellows--- and for a Fellow to lead with your organization to cultivate leadership discovery and promote social change in service to your mission! 

Princeton AlumniCorps: Project 55 Fellowship

Princeton AlumniCorps supports community organizations committed to building a more just, equitable and sustainable society by developing and engaging leaders and professionals of all ages to advance social change.

Our flagship Project 55 Fellowship places recent Princeton graduates at nonprofit organizations working towards systemic change. Program alumni now number more than 2,000 and have served at nearly 500 nonprofits across the country. The Project 55 Fellowship provides nonprofits and social impact organizations with exceptional and passionate talent.

Brief Partner Overview 

Partner-Organizations host Fellows in substantive, paid positions, to deliver outcomes that are meaningful to both the Fellows and the organization’s mission. While Fellows lead with organizations, Princeton AlumniCorps implements a holistic curriculum and network of support to drive educational outcomes for Fellows. 

Organizations interested in partnering with Princeton AlumniCorps to host a P55 Fellow for the 2024-25 program year should complete this application by December 8th, 2023

Organizations selected to host a Fellow should be prepared to interview Fellow applicants, extend a hire offer through Princeton AlumniCorps, and onboard confirmed candidate(s) upon acceptance. As co-educators with AlumniCorps, partners should also commit to their Fellows’ program learning and leadership development.

Application Process

The online Project 55 Partnership application consists of the following sections: 
  • Section One: Partnership Acknowledgements
  • Section Two: General Contact Information (to be featured in our Partner Directory)
  • Section Three: Open-Ended Responses 
Should you have any questions, need support, or seek clarity in completing this application, please contact Tim Schmidt, Program Manager of Partnership Engagement & Investment, at 

Application Process:
The Partnership application process consists of the following required steps:

1. Interested Partner Organizations complete their online application by the deadline date: December 8th, 2023

2. Our selection committee will review applications on a rolling basis and identify partners who meet our acknowledgments (noted on page 2 of this application) to host a P55 Fellow. 

3. Partners selected to move forward in the application process will schedule a call with a member of the selection committee to discuss their application and proposed Fellowship position. 

All organizations partnering with the Project 55 Fellowship Program, prior to the start of the program, will need to submit a detailed position title and description for the Partner Directory, along with confirmation of their ability to meet salary and health insurance expectations as outlined on "page 2" of this application and the Princeton AlumniCorps website. 

Project 55 Fellowship Program Timeline 

Application Deadline for Partner Organizations: December 8th, 2023

October 2023 to January 2024: As applications are submitted, Partner Organizations will meet with the Selection Committee to review their materials and provide a detailed Position Description(s) for the Partner Directory and confirmation of position(s) funding.

January 2024 to February 2024: Princeton AlumniCorps conducts First Round interviews with Fellow candidates for P55 Fellowship Program. 

February 2024 to March 2024: Partner Organizations conduct Second Round interviews with P55 Fellowship candidates. AlumniCorps will refer Fellow candidates to organizations. 

March 27th, 2024: Partner Organizations submit their Fellow candidate preferences to Princeton AlumniCorps. 

April 3rd to April 15th, 2024: Offers are made to P55 Fellowship candidates and confirmation of acceptance due. 

May 2024: Fellowship Orientation.

Fellows may start at their organizations between June and September 2024

Note: this timeline is subject to change. 

Section 1:  Partnership Acknowledgements

(a) Acknowledgement of Project 55 Partnership Expectations
Princeton AlumniCorps is committed to partnering with leaders and organizations with a shared vision for equity and justice; are dedicated to the success and sustainability of Princeton AlumniCorps programs; and prioritizes delivering an enriching Fellowship experience that produces high-impact contributions to the mission of our partnership organizations.  

Our website outlines 5 Conditions for Success of our P55 Fellowship Partners:  
1) Respectful, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships 
2) Active Coaching and Co-Supervision 
3) High-Impact, Meaningful Work 
4) Fellow Professional Development 
5) Compensation & Benefit Requirements 

Please refer to the "Partner" section of our website to learn more about how these conditions can look in application. 

Note: Conditions for Success are not limited to these 5 categories. Upon successful completion of partnership application and selection, all partners who work with a P55 Fellow will co-create and acknowledge an Agreement with Princeton AlumniCorps and their respective Fellow(s). 

(b) Salary and Compensation Acknowledgement
P55 Fellows lead as full-time employees. Princeton AlumniCorps encourages partners to pay Fellows above the market average for their high-impact work; however, we require partners to meet the minimum salaries for their location as outlined below: 

Bay Area................................................$54,500
New York...............................................$46,500
Washington, DC....................................$46,500
New Jersey............................................$46,500

We recognize that organizational capacity and HR limitations vary from partner to partner. If you have questions or would like to co-create an option that's most suitable for you and a P55 Fellow, please contact Tim Schmidt at

Note: Salary, Benefits, and Healthcare Information will be requested if your organization is selected to partner with Princeton AlumniCorps' P55 Fellowship Program. This information will be featured in our Partner Directory, where future Fellows identify the organizations they desire to work at during the program year. 

(c) Health Insurance Acknowledgement

Partner Organizations are required to offer P55 Fellow's health insurance and should demonstrate a commitment to reducing out-of-pocket medical expenses for Fellows through the following options: 

Option One.......................Health insurance offered; 100% of premiums covered
Option Two.......................Health insurance offered; salary raised to absorb premium costs
Option Three.....................Stipend/Reimbursement to purchase their own insurance
Option Four.......................Fellow has health insurance coverage from family or partner

We recognize that organizational capacity and HR limitations vary from partner to partner. If you have questions or would like to co-create an option that's most suitable for you and a P55 Fellow, please contact Tim Schmidt at

Note: Salary, Benefits, and Healthcare Information will be requested if your organization is selected to partner with Princeton AlumniCorps' P55 Fellowship Program. This information will be featured in our Partner Directory, where future Fellows identify the organizations they desire to work at during the program year.

(d) Additional Benefits Acknowledgement
Project 55 Fellows are recent college graduates who are entering the nonprofit field in "entry" level, full-time positions. Princeton AlumniCorps recognizes the lived experiences of our Fellows and the capacity of our Partners. We are committed to ensuring that for the duration of the program year, Fellows are able to thrive financially and prioritize their health and wellness for an equitable and sustainable livelihood. If Fellows thrive, their contributions towards our Partner's mission and programs also thrive. 

If organizational capacity allows, we encourage Partner Organizations to offer Fellows employee benefits comparable to other full-time employees.

These benefits include, but are not limited to: 
1) Commuter/Travel Reimbursements
2) Access to Retirement Saving Accounts 
3) Technology Stipends 
4) Access to organizational funds for Professional Development/ Networking Opportunities 

Section 2: General Contact Information

Organization Contact and Team
The organization's contact will receive information on the application cycle and any potential referral information. Should the organization's contact be someone other than the Fellow's expected supervisor, the Program Manager will verify that information before onboarding. Any supervisors new to hosting a Fellow will need to meet with the Program Manager for an introductory call, should a Fellow be placed with your organization.

Why do we ask this? We want to address our applicants and discuss their materials respectfully

Providing an estimate is acceptable.

Responses featured in our Partner Directory!
Our Partner Directory is the resource guide we share with candidates of our P55 Fellowship Program. It contains relevant information about each of our partners so that candidates can make informed decisions regarding their placement preferences. The Partner Directory allows us to maintain a mutually beneficial, and sustainable, relationship with both our Fellows and Partners.

Please choose the corresponding cohort city where we offer programming.

Section 3: Open-Ended Questions

The following open-ended questions allow us to understand you better as an applicant. Please take the time to write thoughtful, complete, and concise answers to the questions. There is a 500 word maximum for each response.

After confirmation of our partnership, we'll ask you to submit an actual position description to publish in our Partner Directory.

Here are some helpful topics our Fellows like to know when considering their Partner placement: consider talking about how your organization has actively committed to equity, inclusion, and justice; the onboarding process for new hires; professional development opportunities for staff; work culture and team environment; etc

Resource to Learn About Accessible Work Environments:

Is your workspace physically (if applicable) and technologically accessible? This question will come up as part of the Fellow placement process so we encourage organizations to consider their workspace accessibility. Here is a resource to learn more: EARN
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Thank You for applying to be a Partner Organization with Princeton AlumniCorps' Project 55 Fellowship Program! 

If you have any questions about your application, Project 55, or Princeton AlumniCorps, please contact Tim Schmidt, Program Manager, at

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