2024 Latinos for Education Fellowship Nominations

We are currently accepting nominations for our Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship, Latinx Teachers' Fellowship, and Latino Board Fellowship.

We appreciate your nomination and encourage multiple nominations of individuals in your network who may be a great fit for any of our programs.

Thank you for your help in finding great future Fellows! 

Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship

Latinos for Education's Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship (ALLF) identifies, develops, and supports Latino leaders working in education, We provide leadership development training and content focused on Latino educational experiences to best position fellows for personal and professional growth opportunities.

ALLF is focused on K-12 campus and district level leaders only who are currently serving in a full-time capacity within a K-12 organization.

Learn more about Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship here.
Latinx Teachers' Fellowship

The Latinx Teachers' Fellowship (LTF) will provide a national cohort of 50-75 Latinx K-12 teachers with a learning network of peers and the tools to collaboratively prepare to maintain and improve the skills needed to serve large ELL populations during the re-entry process.
Our goal is to equip Latinx teachers to navigate the increased demands of a post-pandemic education system and improve their likelihood of progressing in their careers as teacher leaders into the next school year and beyond. 

LTF is focused on K-12 classroom teachers only.

Learn more about the program here.
Latino Board Fellowship

The Latino Board Fellowship identifies, supports and places Latinos working within and outside the education sector onto governing boards of schools and education nonprofit organizations. As a board member, you have an important role to play in addressing educational inequity and influencing better educational outcomes for all children.

Learn more about Latino Board Fellowship here.

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