Flying Arts Accredited Membership Application Form

Thank you for choosing to apply for Flying Arts Accredited Membership. Please complete the form below and select the covers which you require from the options available.

No payment is required at this stage, all applications will be processed and upon approval you will receive an email to select your start date and complete your payment for your membership.

Documentation of your membership and insurance will be sent to you upon receiving payment for membership.

Please note:  
  • The insurance options that you select will present more fields for you to complete to ensure the required information is collected to approve your application.
  • Each file must be no larger than 2mb
  • Formats accepted: .doc .docx .pdf and most image file types
Applicants Personal Information

Further membership contact information will be collected on the payment form if approved.
Accredited Membership Insurance Options

Optional Extra Coverage

An additional premium may be applied depending on your existing covers selected above. If you do not select these covers you will not be covered for activities that involve these elements.

Please Note: working at heights above 15 meters is not covered under this policy

Start Date

Artist Statement and CV

This statement provides a brief summary of your practice. Maximum 250 words.

The curriculum vitae should provide an up-to-date overview of your practice, and include information such as professional development (education and training), exhibitions, commissions, articles, ect. formats accepted: .doc, .pdf
Proof of Professional Practice -

A maximum of three relevant catalogues, articles, reviews or promotional materials that demonstrate your professional experience. Formats accepted: .jpeg .doc .pdf

Photographs of Works from your Practice - Office and Image Files Accepted

These images can either be uploaded individually or all in one document. Please include the title of the artwork, medium and date produced.

Reference Details

Membership and Insurance Price

Please be patient as files sometimes take a while to upload.

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If you have any problems, please call Flying Arts on 07 3216 1322