Project 55 Fellowship Application (2024-2025)

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Welcome Prospective P55 Fellow!
A one-year fellowship, a lifetime of leadership.
The Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Program provides recent Princeton graduates with formative experiences working in the public interest, instilling in all fellows a greater awareness of critical social issues, a deeper understanding of their capacity to bring about change, and a lifelong commitment to justice and equity.

Project 55 Fellows receive leadership programming and wrap-around support from local volunteers and our national staff with the goal of supporting the transition to full-time nonprofit work. Fellows are placed across the country in organizations across nonprofit and public service sectors. What makes a Project 55 Fellowship unique is our holistic approach to personal and professional development. Becoming a Project 55 Fellow is a chance to explore a lifelong commitment to social justice and join a community of more than 2,000 Princeton alumni who have launched their postgraduate lives through Project 55. Project 55 Fellows have found their experience influenced their personal and professional paths while being connected to valuable relationships that support them in multiple facets of their life.

Learn more about Project 55 by visiting our website. To see if our Fellowship is right for you, reach out to Laissa Gibson ( or schedule a meeting with me!
Who Is Eligible to Apply?
  • All current Princeton University seniors (including international students) and recent graduates (up to three years) are able to apply regardless of major or concentration, past experience, or specific skills.
  • Candidates NOT already committed to any other full-time post-graduate programs (ex: graduate school).
Application Process & Timeline
Timeline subject to change.

October through January Interested candidates attend or review information sessions, available on the website. Candidates can also schedule a virtual chat with Laissa Gibson (Program Coordinator), to discuss if the Fellowship program is a good fit!
January 18, 2024 - Applications Due by 11:59pm EST
January through February - First Round Interviews w/ Princeton AlumniCorps
February through March - Candidates submit priority rankings of positions/
organizations. Second Round Interviews w/ Partner Organizations
April - Initial Round of Offers
April 15, 2024 - Acceptance of Offers Due
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This application includes a fee of $50. There is a fee waiver available with no preliminary eligibility.  The option to select the fee waiver is located on the last page of this application. Please take this into consideration prior to starting your application.
The Project 55 Fellowship online application consists of the following sections:
  • Section One- Contact Information, Accessibility Information and Personal Background
  • Section Two- Skills and Fellowship Preferences, Logistic Information
  • Section Three- Essay Questions (2)
  • Section Four- Supporting Materials with external links (please make sure you leave yourself enough time to compile all your needed materials)
*IMPORTANT: Please SAVE your progress by clicking "Save" at the top of this page! You will be prompted to create an email and password to log back in if you need to come back.

Please contact Laissa Gibson, Program Coordinator, at with any questions or concerns about this application.

Section One

Applicant Contact Information

As a disclaimer, we are supportive of any endeavors you may be considering and want to assess what other types of similar programming are of interest to you.
Applicant Accessibility Information and Personal Background
By asking for personal background information, we hope to get a better understanding of our applicant's backgrounds, which will support our team in starting the conversation with our Fellows on what their needs are, and how we as an organization can better support them throughout the Program.

Section Two

Applicant Skills and Fellowship Preferences

Professional fluency indicates that you can listen, read, write and speak comfortably while discussing complex community concerns (having a broad vocabulary that expands beyond isolated words and phrases).

Short Answer Questions. Please read each question before answering.

Examples of skills can be - advising and coaching, communications and marketing, data management, development and fundraising, education and facilitation, logistics and operations, patient care, policy research, program management, etc.


Please note that access to a vehicle is not a requirement for Fellows or applicants.

Section Three

Essay Questions
The following short essay questions allow us to understand you better as an applicant. Please take the time for thoughtful, complete, and concise answers to the questions. We recommend a maximum of 500 words per essay, however, there is no minimum length requirement. Please include a sufficient amount of detail for the application reviewers to have insight into who you are. In the below essays, do not speak to a placement with a partner organization, as you will have the opportunity to showcase your interest in specific organizations during interviews.
For additional reading on Civic Professionalism, please review these resources: ................................................................................................................................

2.) Why does the Project 55 Fellowship Program interest you the most, and why do you believe the program will be a good fit for you?

Section Four

Supporting Materials
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Transcript
Your supporting materials are required for this application and may be shared with partner organizations during the interview process.
Letter of Recommendation
Recommender Portal: The Project 55 Fellowship requires one letter of recommendation. Please share the above link with your chosen recommender to complete. You can submit your application before your letter of recommendation is received.
File Uploads
Please upload your resume in a PDF FORMAT ONLY below. Please name the file using your name like so: "Full name_Resume" for our records. Make sure your best email address and phone number is included! A pdf helps formatting across multiple readers. You can export your word document into a pdf or use to convert documents.

Please upload your UNOFFICIAL transcript below. Please name the file using your name like so: "Full name_Transcript" for our records. Unofficial transcripts include the GPA. While we don't believe a number can reflect any student's worth, some partner organizations requiring specific scientific or technical skills may inquire about coursework performance.

Please upload a recent photo of your face below. Please name the file using your name like so: "Full name_photo" for our records. These photos are not shared with our partners. This is just an internal reference point for us as we interview a large amount of candidates. It's helpful for our team to review our notes and match names to faces during the post-interview review process!

$50 Application Fee or Waiver
Application Fee Portal - PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO PAY THE APPLICATION FEE As a reminder, your application is not complete until you have paid the application fee, so save this link if you plan on submitting your application first! We offer fee waivers for applicants who would incur financial hardship paying the $50 application fee. There are no minimal qualifications for the fee waiver. Please use your judgment - if the fee is not accessible, then check the box. There is no need for confirmation from staff or any further follow up.  


  1. Please make sure you have communicated with your recommender and shared the recommender portal link.  
  2. Please make sure you have paid the application fee (unless you have requested the waiver). 
  3. Please proofread your information and responses. Once the application is submitted, you will not be able to access your form or the supplemental links again. | 12 Stockton Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 | 609.921.8808