2024 Tribal Enrollment & Hawaiian Ancestry Verification Form

In addition to other CH 2024 Student Application components, we require that ALL applicants provide a photocopy of your official tribal enrollment OR Hawaiian ancestry verification. CH will NOT accept a birth certificate for a student, parent, or grandparent as proof of tribal enrollment.

January 24, 2024 at 11:59pm MST 

To learn more about our Tribal Enrollment & Verification Requirements, please visit: https://collegehorizons.org/apply/faqs-for-applicants/.


To be eligible for College Horizons, each student must be an enrolled citizen member of an American Indian tribe*, Alaska Native group**, or Native Hawaiian*** AND provide appropriate documentation supporting tribal enrollment.


Provide documentation such as one of the following:

  • An enrollment or membership document from a federally or state recognized tribe or the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  We may also accept a Certification of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) issued by the BIA or a tribe, only if the CDIB includes tribal enrollment information. A tribal membership document must be on tribal letterhead or be an enrollment/membership card that contains the tribal seal and/or an official signature.
  • A document issued by an Alaska Native village/tribe or an Alaska Native Corporation Settlement Act (ANCSA) regional or village corporation acknowledging membership or shareholder status; or a CDIB issued by the BIA or tribe, if the CDIB includes ANCSA shareholder status or information regarding membership in an Alaska Native village.  An Alaska Native village/tribe or ANCSA document must be on official letterhead or be an enrollment/membership card that contains the tribal or ANCSA seal and/or an official signature.
  • A document issued by the Hawaiian Registry Program, a branch of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), or a Hawaiian Registry Card issued in accordance with OHA’s verification procedures. Documentation from the Ho’oulu Hawaiian Data Center will be also accepted.
*Indian tribes are sovereign and set their own rules regarding tribal enrollment and membership. To find out what requirements a specific tribe has, contact the tribe's main office or tribal enrollment office.
**Includes a member of a federally recognized Alaska Native Tribe, an original Alaska Native Corporation settlement Act (ANCSA) enrollee, or a person issued stock from an ANCSA Regional Corporation. 

***Documentation from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs will be accepted. 

Student Tribal Enrollment & Hawaiian Documentation Upload