Call for Materials: The Center Dance Committee History Project

Introducing a new project to document the vibrant period of volunteerism in the early days of The Center! On the 40th anniversary of The Center Dance Committee, and with your help, we will create an archive collection documenting the many volunteers who were central to The Center’s historic foundation. Please share materials and memories from your time as a volunteer with the Dance Committee. If someone you know was a volunteer at The Center who can no longer speak for themselves please share their name and what they did so they can be included. If you did not volunteer but regularly attended Center Dances or other Dance Committee events such as Garden Party or Pride, we invite your contributions. Contributions that fit the project scope will be compiled into this collection to be preserved and made accessible to all, in perpetuity. With permission, we may share individual contributions in the meantime over social media or in programming. 

Examples of what we are looking for include:

  • Photographs
  • Printed promotional material such ads, flyers and posters
  • Audio or video recordings
  • Journals or calendars
  • Written stories and memories
  • Participants for a new oral history series
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Material Information

Material(s) Delivery

Digital Delivery

Oral History Series
In addition to physical and digital materials, we are looking for Center Dance Committee volunteers who would like to record an oral history with us, or suggestions for those to contact.

Please provide the contact info for those you suggest. We will reach out over email or phone to arrange a recording session.