CLTs and Nonprofit Shared Equity Programs: Prevalence and Impact (2023 Webinar)

November 16th, 2023, 1pm-2pm EST/10am-11am PST
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Template Instructions (Hidden Section)
In Salesforce, create a Campaign. Also, create Campaign Member Statuses for the values: Registered, Attended, Did not show, Withdrawn. (if you can't see Campaigns in Salesforce, contact Salesforce Admin to enable Marketing User license)

Copy the Campaign ID, and set as the default value for this field, Campaign ID, below: 
  1. Click on the field
  2. In the pop up menu, find the blue "Options" button
  3. The Field Properties menu on the left will appear - scroll down to "Default Value" and replace the Campaign ID placeholder with the ID you just created.
Submissions will create Lead records and Campaign Member records attached to this specific campaign. 

You can customize 2 questions with the template for open text responses. Each is limited to 100 characters. Contact Salesforce team to make any changes. These responses will be populated on the Lead Record and Campaign Member record in the Description field.

If you don't need both, simply hide the Questions instead of deleting them.
Make sure to update the Notifications section:
  1. Who should get response reports? Decide if PDF of response is necessary. 
  2. What should respondents see when they submit? Acknowledgement, Redirect, or add an Email address to configure an Auto-responder
  3. What email confirmation should get sent out after they submit?