Digital Heroes Project

We will aim to get back to you within 6 weeks to let you know if you have been matched with a Digital Hero.

Digital Hero Placements

It has been our experience that focused, directed volunteer projects are often the most successful. Please give any detail you can on the sorts of tasks that you would like support with. This is to help us match you with a Hero will the relevant skills and experience, and to help the Digital Heroes understand what is needed.

Please note that the duration of the placements is expected to be 40 hours, and to take place online. The work could be spread out over the two month period, or concentrated over a shorter time period. The exact timing of these 40 hours is flexible and will depend on the availability of your organisation and the Digital Hero you have been matched with as well as the nature of the project.  

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Organisational Commitments

Digital Heroes will be supported by Heritage Trust Network, but will be volunteering for you. We support a common-sense approach to volunteer management, and ask that organisations hosting a Digital Hero commit to the following:

  • Making a Digital Hero feel welcome and valuing the time, skills and expertise that the Digital Hero is offering. 
  • Providing an induction, appropriate supervision and any relevant training for the Digital Hero.  (We require that host organisations provide an induction on health and safety for those who are volunteering on their premises, and consider the health and safety of those working remotely.)
  • Having insurance in place to meet any liability you may have to the volunteer in the event that the volunteer was injured or suffered loss for which you were liable (e.g. employers' or public liability insurance). 
  • Carrying out a risk assessment of working practices to identify possible risks for staff and volunteers in your premises and remotely.   (Organisations with fewer than five employees do not have to formally record the significance of their risk assessment, but a written record can act as proof that a suitable and sufficient assessment has been made.
  • Taking part in our evaluation of the project, including ensuring volunteer hours are logged via Heritage Trust Network's system. 


We’re keen to understand how our members feel about their digital capabilities. 

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