2024 SYO Winter School Registration Form

Please use this form if you wish to enrol in the SYO Winter School and/or HSC Winter School for 2024.

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Regional Holiday Program Scholarships

Any musician who is a primary or secondary school student and resides at least 200km from Sydney CBD is eligible to apply for regional scholarship support. Successful applicants will receive a full or partial waiver on the 2024 participation fee ($595) and/or a travel and accommodation bursary. The amount of this bursary is dependent on the circumstances of the applicant. 

Applications for the Regional Winter School Scholarship program close on Sunday 26 May, 2024. Applicants will be contacted with the result on Friday 7 June, 2024.

If your participation in any holiday program is dependent on receiving a scholarship, you may apply for the scholarship only without enrolling. However this does not guarantee your place. For any questions regarding scholarship applications without enrolment please email Daniel Placido (daniel.placido@syo.com.au)

The HSC Preparatory programs are not eligible for scholarship support. SYO does not organise any accommodation for holiday programs. Participants are to book their own accommodation. 

To apply for a Regional Holiday Program Scholarship, click here

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Health, Dietary, Support & Permissions

All information provided on the musician's behalf will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and is required to ensure we can provide the best care for our Holiday Program participants.

SYO employees or volunteers can supply paracetamol with parental permission. For all other conditions or ailments, such as allergies, hayfever, colds etc, participants must have and administer their own medication. SYO employees or volunteers may supervise participants in the administrating of medication, once parental permission is provided.

Sydney Youth Orchestras cannot be held responsible for acting
on information which is incorrect, not provided or out of date


If no list is provided, only guardians listed for previous SYO activities can sign out participants aged under 18 from SYO Holiday Programs

Musical Information 

Please select one instrument only 
Please note that Piano, Voice, Guitar and other instruments not listed above are not accommodated in our standard Summer and Winter School ensemble programs,. Participants playing these instruments may still register for our HSC programs.

My First Orchestra!

SYO is thrilled for you to join our holiday programs in My First Orchestra!

This program is designed for young string players in their first year of learning an orchestral string instrument. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us at info@syo.com.au

AMEB exams are not necessary to participate in SYO Holiday Programs.
This information is collected to assist SYO in placing the participant in an adequate level ensemble.

Only select the most recent grade you have completed.



Previous Participation


SYO is committed to providing equitable access to all young musicians, regardless of their background.

To help us learn more about our current musicians, their backgrounds and needs, we ask demographic questions to know more about you. Please know that this information may be used to access further support for SYO programs, however this will always be done anonymously (no personal identifiable information will be shared).

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SYO is committed to creating an environment where participants,
regardless of gender expression, can feel safe to learn


Select your SYO Winter School Programs for 2024

Please note that the HSC Winter School programs are restricted to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2024. 

Select 'Yes' if you would like to apply for a sibling discount OR if you have already received a sibling discount code you wish to use on this registration.
Sibling Discount

Each participant needs a separate registration for the Holiday Program. After your first registration is complete, you will be emailed a discount code to receive a $45 discount on any non-HSC Program Fees for any subsequent sibling registrations.

Codes may take up to two business days to be sent.

Sibling discounts are not valid for the HSC Preparatory Programs.

HSC Winter School Details

If unsure, type Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc.

Please know that this program has been designed to deliver the same learning experience online and in-person. SYO is a Covid-Safe Organisation and reserves the right to change the method of attendance for any participant to comply with NSW Health guidelines in order to safeguard the safety of staff and musicians.


Creative Kids Voucher

Your voucher number is a 10 digit alphanumeric code. If the number you provide does not exactly match the voucher, SYO will be unable to redeem it.
If SYO is unable to verify your voucher, you will be notified and are liable for the $50 discounted + processing fee

If name provided does not exactly match the voucher, SYO is unable to redeem it!
If SYO is unable to verify your voucher, you will be notified and are liable for the $100 discounted + processing fee

SYO cannot redeem expired vouchers

Sibling Discount Code

This field is case-sensitive. Please copy the exact code you received via e-mail, with no spaces at the start or end of the code.
If you have already enrolled one sibling but have not received the code, please contact info@syo.com.au. Please note that discount codes may take up to two business days to be sent.
If the amount displayed is $0 or error,
the code inserted in incorrect or invalid.
Please copy the exact code received via e-mail!

Holiday Program Fee Calculation

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