TAP Client Application 

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Confirm Your Understanding
By entering your name below, you confirm your understanding and agreement to your commitment to The Acceleration Project (TAP) regarding the consulting services being provided by TAP. Specifically, you (the Client)
  • shall share with TAP all relevant information regarding your business to the best of your ability; 

  • shall prepare for and attend all scheduled meetings with TAP;

  • shall not share with any third party TAP's confidential information, which includes all of the consulting tools and systems designed and used by TAP in providing the consulting services;

  • shall allow TAP to use the Client’s name, image, and likeness for TAP’s marketing purposes;

  • shall respond to surveys from TAP regarding TAP’s services;

  • represent that you cannot afford to pay for TAP’s services at a market rate; 

  • accept the consulting services on an “as is” basis and acknowledge that TAP disclaims any liability with respect to any outcomes or consequences as a result of the Client implementing the services; and

  • shall respond to check-ins at three, six, and 12 months after finishing work with TAP, when appropriate