iFoster's PHA TAY AmeriCorps Application 2024

Welcome to PHA TAY AmeriCorps 2024 application. This 10 month internship starts in January 2024 and is for current/former foster youth who reside in LA County only. This internship provides hands-on paid work experience serving Eisner Health patients both virtually on a patient services call center and on site in one of several Eisner clinics across LA County. iFoster is hiring 100 part-time interns.
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Please upload your resume in PDF or Word. NOT having a resume will NOT exclude you from being hired.
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Needs Assessment
iFoster can often help you with resource needs. Please answer as accurately as possible.

Please provide us with two references who will support your application to be a TAY AmeriCorps member.
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Questions? Call/Text (213) 347-5528 or email tayamericorps@ifoster.org