Community Land Trusts & Shared Equity (SE) Entities in the United States - Organization Update Form

You can use this form to contibute information to the Grounded Solutions Network's Map of Community Land Trusts and Nonprofit Shared Equity Homeownership Programs in the United States. Please note that all updates are reviewed by GSN Staff before they are published to the map, and map updates are made on a quarterly basis.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update process, you may reach our team at

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For organizations already present on the map: please select your organization name below and click 'Next'. This will pre-fill the update form so that you can more easily update your information.

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For organization removal: To submit information about an organization's removal from the CLT Census Map, please click here. Please complete the form from that link, you can close out of this page without clicking 'Next'.