Dreamin' In Color 2024 Award Nominations

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Thank you for your interest in nominating deserving individuals and companies for the prestigious Dreamin' In Color Awards! Your nominations play a vital role in recognizing those who are making a significant impact in the Salesforce ecosystem, driving diversity, equity, and inclusion forward.

Please take a moment to review the following information before submitting your nominations:

Beacon Award

A beacon is a light that helps both to illuminate as well as light the way. The Dreamin' In Color Beacon Award goes to an individual who works in the Salesforce ecosystem to shine a light on challenges of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as strives to be a change-maker and problem solver to increase opportunity and access for Black, Latinx or Hispanic trailblazers.

Doing The Work Award

Many companies tout principles such as inclusive hiring, employee resource groups and equitable practices, but what does this look like in action? The Doing The Work Award recognizes a company that is "walking the talk," and has implemented an environment where Black employees feel welcomed, supported and championed. This may be through official programming and opportunities, professional development, community engagement or holistic support.

Nomination Process:
  • Fill out the nomination form with accurate and complete information.
  • Provide compelling and detailed examples showcasing how the nominee embodies the spirit of the award category.
  • Feel free to nominate individuals or companies that you believe deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions.
  • Please submit a separate form for each nomination if you want to nominate multiple candidates or organizations.
Submission Deadline: The deadline for submitting nominations has been extended to June 2nd. Please ensure all nominations are submitted by this date to be considered.
Confidentiality: All nominations will be treated with strict confidentiality. The information provided will only be used for the purpose of the awards evaluation process.
Selection Process: Nominees will be evaluated by a dedicated panel of industry experts and leaders. The winners will be announced and honored during the Dreamin' In Color Awards ceremony.

Beacon Award

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Doing the Work Award

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