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Si necesitas ayuda en español comuníquese con la oficina 908-469-1211(ext 310) o envíe un correo electrónico a Stephanie Guenard

This registration form takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. (Must be completed in one sitting)

RETURNING FAMILIES: Please call or email to receive your PRE-FILL LINK and reduce the time it takes to register. 

Afterschool Institute Program Overview and Pricing, click here

Classes being offered for K- 12th grade. Class Days/Times: click here

Financial Assistance: Fill out the Registration Form and then click link to proceed to Financial Assistance Form (Requires most recent 1040 tax document and a secondary form of current income confirmation ready to upload)

Spring classes begin the week of February 13th. Classes are held one day per week. For help en español, please call the office 908-469-1211 ext. 310.
Parent/Guardian 1 Information
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Demographic Information

The Institute of Music receives government funding and is therefore required to collect demographic data from all of our clients. The information gathered in this form is kept confidential and will only be used anonymously for statistical reporting. 

Emergency Contact Information
Please provide information for 2 Emergency Contacts for the student(s) you are registering.

PLEASE NOTE: Emergency Contacts should NOT be the student's parent or guardian. These should be contacts other than yourself and any other parent/guardian listed on this form.

The Institute of Music for Children  

Afterschool Arts Institute Spring 2024 



12 (February 12th  – May 18th

Grades K-12  

Adult Private Lessons available 

Low-cost Instrument Rentals 


Click here for a list of Class Days and Times 

Classes & lessons are held 1 day per week 

  • Tues. & Wed. 5:30pm & 6:40pm (60 min classes) 
  • Saturdays 10:30am, 11:45am, 1:00pm (60 min classes) 
  • Thursdays 5:30pm & 7:30pm (80 min classes)  


(Teen Talk/Game Time: 4:45pm and Dinner: 7:00pm at no additional cost) 



Instrumental Music  

• Guitar (I & II) •   Piano (I & II) • Violin (I & II) • African Drumming • Drumline • Musicology • Music Explore!  

Performing Arts  

• Acting • Singing • Hip Hop Dance • Movin’ & Shakin’ • Screenwriting •  Dance Studio•  Choreography • Ballet 

Visual & Media Classes  

• Art Workshop • Anime/Cartooning • Painter’s Studio • Music Production • DJ  • Recording Studio • Podcasting • Fashion Design • Jewelry Makers • Graphic Art 

Specialty Classes 

• Young Chefs  • Karate • Glo Girlz Club (self-esteem) 



Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, Acting, Visual Art and more for Grades 2 to Adults.  

30 minute one-on-one lessons offered 1 time a week. 

Note: 24 week lessons are prioritized over 12 week lesson requests.  Accommodating lessons is based on teacher availability. Not all art forms will be available at all preferred days/times. The more flexibility you have, the better chances that we can accommodate your request.  


TROUPE CLASSES: (By interview/audition only) 

High-level performance classes that are training students to work as professionals 

Grades 5- 12 

The IMC Band • Harmony Choir  



Prices are offered at a STANDARD or a MEMBER rate. 

  • Member Rates: Discounted tuition and requires parent commitment to fundraising & volunteering.  
  • Standard Rates: No requirement to fundraise or volunteer. Fewer discounts apply  


Standard Rates: 


Spring 24 Pricing

Standard – 12-Week

1 Group Class


2 Group Classes


1 Troupe Class


1 Private Lesson


1 Private & 1 Group Class


4 or more Group Classes


Adult Private Lesson




Member Rates:  Click Here for more information about Membership Requirements 


Afterschool 23-24 Pricing

Member – 12-Week

1 Group Class


2 Group Classes


1 Troupe Class


1 Private Lesson


1 Private & 1 Group Class


4 or more Group Classes


Adult Private Lesson




Payment Plans Available  

  • Requires approved credit card to be on file 
  • Requires an account in good standing. Not adhering to payment plan or membership requirements from previous semesters can make you ineligible for payment plan 


Payment Plan Dates:  It is your responsibility to ensure your automatic payments go through on the specific dates below.  If for some reason you are having issues with your card, you will need to contact Ms. Kristin immediately to fix. 


Spring 12 Weeks – 3 Payments 

  • Day of Registration, March 21st  , April 21st  


Membership Fee  (If you enroll as a Member) 

Families pay an annual fee that applies to all family members enrolled 

  • $30 Membership Fee for 12 weeks 


Membership Requirements Include:  

  • Attending a one-hour, annual Membership meeting  
  • Membership Meeting Dates: 2/28, 3/2, 3/5, 3/7 
  • Obtaining Membership Points:  
  • Families must earn a certain # of points for every child enrolled 
  • Fundraising, Volunteering, Social Media Participation, Providing Meals, Direct Donation 


Materials Fees:  

Additional fees are assessed for the following classes. 

12 weeks

Piano, Guitar




Art Workshop, Anime & Cartooning, Comic Book Creation, Character Creation, Jewelry Making, Fashion Design, Crochet


Painter's Studio


Cooking Classes





Violin, Guitar and Mini-Keyboard Rentals: $30 

Instruments for Purchase: Roll Up Mini Keyboards - $50, Drumsticks $5,  






Spring Semester: February 13, 2024 - May 18, 2024 (12-weeks) 


End of Year Showcases: May 13, 2024 – May 18, 2024 


  • Spring Break – March 30 – April 4 
  • Rehearsal Week – May 6 – May 11 
  • Showcase Week: Smaller showcases will happen throughout the week of May 13th culminating in Arts Festival Day – Sat. May 18th from 10am – 3pm. 


*Break dates are subject to change due to any unexpected weather etc. 

Grades K - 3
K - 2Art WorkshopTues 1Visual Art60 min5:30 - 6:30

K - 3Hip Hop Movin' & Shakin'Tues2Dance60 min6:40 - 7:40
K - 3SingingTues2Voice60 min6:40 - 7:40
Grades 3 - 5
3 - 5Guitar ITues1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30
3 - 5Piano 1.5Tues1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30
3 - 5Art WorkshopTues2Visual Art60 min6:40 - 7:40
Grades 4 - 8
4 - 7Digital Music MakersTues1Media Arts60 min5:30 - 6:30
4 - 8ActingTues1Drama60 min5:30 - 6:30

6 - 8Anime/ CartooningTues 2Visual Art60 min6:40 - 7:40
Grades K - 4
K - 2Hip Hop DanceWED1Dance60 min5:30 - 6:30
K - 3DrumlineWED1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30
2 - 4Piano IWED1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30
K - 3Art WorkshopWED2Visual Art60 min6:40 - 7:40

Grades 3 - 5

3 - 7CrochetWED2Specialty60 min6:40 - 7:40
Grades 4 - 8
4 - 8Violin IIWED1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30

5 - 8Podcast Creation WED1Media Arts60 min5:30 - 6:30
6 - 8Guitar IIWED1Music60 min5:30 - 6:30

5 - 8Glo Girlz ClubWED2Speciality60 min6:40 - 7:40
Grades 9 - 12
9 - 12Anime/CartooningThurs1Visual Art80 min5:30 - 6:50

9 - 12Guitar IThurs1Music80 min5:30 - 6:50
9 - 12Music ProductionThurs1Media Arts80 min5:30 - 6:50
9 - 12Piano IThurs1Music80 min5:30 - 6:50

9 - 12ActingThurs2Acting80 min7:30 - 8:50
5 - 12Harmony Band Troupe!Thurs2Music80 min7:30 - 8:50

9 - 12Musicology & Recording Studio - THE REMIXThurs2Music80 min7:30 - 8:50
Grades K - 4
K - 3African Dance & DrummingSAT1Music / Dance60 min10:30 - 11:30
K - 3Art WorkshopSAT1Visual Art60 min10:30 - 11:30
K - 3BalletSAT1Performing Arts60 min10:30 - 11:30

K - 3ActingSAT2Performing Arts60 min11:45 - 12:45

K - 2Movin & ShakinSAT3Performing Arts60 min1:00 - 2:00
K - 3SingingSAT3Performing Arts60 min1:00 - 2:00
Grades 3 - 6
3 - 6Singing & DancingSAT1Performing Arts60 min10:30 - 11:30

3 - 5Violin ISAT2Music60 min11:45 - 12:45

3 - 5DRAW!! Superheros & VilliansSAT3Visual Art60 min1:00 - 2:00
Grades 4 - 8
4 - 7Piano I SAT1Music60 min10:30 - 11:30
4 - 7Young ChefsSAT1Speciality80 min10:30 - 11:30
5 - 8Comic Book CreationSAT1Visual Art60 min10:30 - 11:30
5 - 8Fashion DesignSAT1Speciality60 min10:30 - 11:30

5 - 7Guitar ISAT2Music60 min11:45 - 12:45
5 - 8Jewelry MakingSAT2Speciality60 min11:45 - 12:45
5 - 8Glo Girlz ClubSat3Speciality60 min1:00 - 2:00
5 - 8Mini Movie MakersSAT3Visual Art60 min1:00 - 2:00

Begin Registration Process

Step 1: Choose your Membership Status for all Students 

By Choosing Membership, you agree that if the obligations of Membership are not completed by 2 weeks prior to the semester's end, you will be responsible for paying the Standard rate for Classes.  Your card on file will be charged.
*Unfulfilled member responsibilities for returning families may affect being accepted into the current and future Membership program(s).*
Student Registration
Step 2: Enter the Student's Information below:
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Step 3: Make Semester Selections for this Student:
Group Classes
(Piano, Guitar, Violin students only)
Young Chef's/ Top Chef's Consent Form

Students will have the opportunity to use kitchen utensils and equipment during the Institute of Music for Children’s cooking program. Students will learn about appropriate handling of food items and safe operation and use of the kitchen equipment and they will be supervised at all times. Parents should be aware, however, that participation involves using knives and other sharp utensils, and that children will be working with and in close proximity to large kitchen equipment and hot items.  Classes may also involve handling of raw food items.  Although every precaution is taken to prevent accidents, a certain risk is involved due to the nature of the experience, the age of the student, and the learning environment.

Private Lessons
All private lessons are 30 minutes long.  Accommodating each lesson is based on teacher availability. Not all art forms will be available at all preferred days/times. The more flexibility you have, the better chances that we can accommodate your request.  We will be emailing you a questionnaire to complete in regards to your child(ren)'s private lessons.

12 Week Scheduling may be subject to limited availability.
Private Lesson


Consent Information

Handbook Information
I agree to abide by the policies within this handbook in regards to the Institute of Music for Children's Afterschool Program.  

Media Release
I give my consent to the Institute of Music for Children (IMC) to photograph/videotape my child for educational, promotional or documentation purposes and to use such pictures and/or stories in connection with their work.  I do release IMC from any claims of compensation. Doy mi consentimiento al Instituto de Música para Niños (IMC) para que fotografíe/video a mi hijo y use dichas imágenes y/o historias en relación con cualquiera de sus trabajos sin consideración de compensación de ningún tipo, y libero a IMC de cualquier reclamación que pudiera surgir al respecto. El nombre de los niños no se mostrará/utilizará sin consentimiento.
Health and Safety Release
I hereby authorize the emergency treatment by a qualified and licensed medical doctor selected by The Institute of Music for Children in the event of a medical emergency which, in the opinion of the attending physician, may endanger my child’s life, cause disfigurement, physical impairment or undue discomfort, if delayed.  This authority is granted only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach me.  I also guarantee payment of all charges incurred during this medical treatment (physician, hospital, x-ray, lab, drugs, ambulance, etc.) My student(s) has/have permission to engage in all Institute of Music for Children program activities.  The student and/or his/her/their parent/guardian agree to abide by the rules and regulations set up by the Institute of Music for Children for health, safety and welfare of the children participating in the program. 
Before the beginning of the semester, we are requiring families to attend an orientation on Saturday, February 10th, for pre-survey completion (students 4th grade and up), financial assistance, information and meeting teachers.  


Sub Total
Installment Schedule Details

Total registration cost for all students will be divided into equal payments, depending on length of semester selected . Membership and supply fees are due with Installment 1.
12 Weeks
Installment 1: Today
Installment 2: 3/21/24
Installment 3: 4/21/24
Need-Based Financial Aid

Complete the application below to request financial assistance. 

PLEASE NOTE: A $30 fee is required for application processing. This amount will applied to your class Membership fee.

It is required you register as a Member to receive Financial Assistance.

Financial Aid is not available for private lessons.

Need-based financial aid will be awarded after all required financial documentation has been submitted. We encourage you to submit ASAP as financial aid resources are limited.

The following documentation is required for the financial assistance application:
  • Completion of Financial Assistance Application: Available in English & Spanish 
  • Most Recent 1040 Tax Return OR CDBG Form (Available as part of application)
  • One of the following documents: 
    1. Two consecutive paystubs
    2. Letter from Unemployment/Disability
    3. Letter from Employer confirming employment
    4. Documentation to verify household income
If for some reason you are unable to provide this documentation please contact us to discuss your circumstances at or call 908-469-1211.

After we receive your application, and required information listed above, we will be in touch to schedule an appointment.  

Thank you
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