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Musical Mentors Academy - Student Application

Welcome to Musical Mentors Academy (MMA)! MMA offers subsidized one-on-one music instruction for advanced students. Lessons are taught by MMC’s impressive roster of Teaching Artists and supported by our Grandmentors. 

By participating in the program, students receive:

  • 25 lessons with MMC Teaching Artist 

  • Lessons with MMC’s roster of Grandmentors 

  • Instrument should they need one

  • Monthly workshops, and studio classes 

  • Community Gatherings, which bring students together for games, icebreakers, and more

  • Recital opportunities 

  • Free/discounted tickets for live concerts and behind-the-scenes looks at venues in their communities 

  • Scholarship opportunities for additional enrichment learning such as summer festivals and preparatory programs 

Musical Mentors Academy Cost: $2,000
Cost includes all lessons, studio classes, workshops, performances, and masterclasses as well as an instrument and music. This is a heavily discounted program, as the typical cost of these services would average $4,000/year. Also, scholarships are available to students who demonstrate need, ranging from 25-100% of the $2,000 cost. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate need, ranging from 25-100% of the total cost.

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Primary Mailing Address

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Communication for Musical Mentors Online will mainly come through email and will be with the primary parent/guardian - not directly with the student. Please make sure to list a parent/guardian’s contact information as primary.

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Please help us better understand the families we serve. The below questions help us offer programming that meets the needs of our students and communities. The below information also helps us raise funds to ensure all lessons, instruments, and enrichment activities are AFFORDABLE or FREE OF CHARGE to students who could not otherwise afford it. 

If parents are not living together but both supporting the student financially, please select "Two parents/guardians".

The following questions help us prioritize applicant needs and best match your student with a Musical Mentor. Please email if you have any questions.

e.g . school band, school music class, group music class after-school, one-on-one instruction, and family member teaching.

We can help provide instruments to students who need them. However, we encourage parents/guardians/organizations to provide an instrument if they are able to do so. Most intermediate to advanced instruments can range from $100-800 depending on the instrument. Many music stores have rental programs or rent to buy programs.

We will get this process moving as soon as the student has been matched with a Musical Mentor.

MMA lessons are typically scheduled after school - often at your student’s school or offered online. What days after school would generally work best for lessons?

i.e. PE, Art, Science, Recess

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