WAITING LIST-Called to Serve: Altar Servers' Retreat- Under 18 Consent form. 

The Altar Servers retreat is now full. Please complete the form to be added to our waiting list.

Parent/Guardian Details 

The Parent/Guardian details provided will be used as the first emergency contact and to communicate about the Retreat.

Please provide details of a second person to be contacted in case of an emergency. We will attempt to contact the first emergency contact before using the second contact provided.

Participant Registration

Please provide the following details for each young person you are registering. To complete the registration details for more than one young person  select "add another response" at the bottom of the box below.
Young persons details

dd/mm/yyyy eg: 21/03/2010

For example vegetarian, nut allergy etc

Your Parish


If an error code appears and stops the form from being submitted, please email kristi.doughty@kenelmyouthtrust.com who will be able to assist you.