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Complete this application to be considered for the 2024 EmpowerMEnt Leadership Institute cohort.

Parent/Legal Guardian Information
The parent/legal guardian information must accompany this application.


Written Responses:  Complete each of the following written responses.  Keep it brief and real.  Don’t be afraid to brag.  We’ve kept the application fields short in order to encourage straightforward and authentic answers.  Be confident and remember: You’ve got this!

You can tie this response to community services activities, thoughts about empathy and individual responsibility. Why are you inspired to solve this problem? Why is it significant? This is an opportunity to demonstrate your values, critical thinking skills and creativity.

Feedback isn't easy to hear. Describe the feedback you received. What made it difficult - what was said, who said it, who else heard it. Provide context. What did you learn from it? We can always improve. It's a sign of a great leader if you are willing to change.

The following optional section can be used to share with the admissions committee additional information not covered elsewhere in your application.

Video and Audio Tips:
  • Please film your video in a safe place and be especially mindful of local and national COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols. 
  •  Film your video in a well-lit location, with the primary light source in front of you to illuminate your face, rather than behind you, which will cause silhouetting. 
  •  Film your video in a quiet space without background noises that might make your voice less audible. Avoid filming in loud, crowded, or windy places where your voice will echo and/or your microphone may be distorted. 
  •  Speak loudly and clearly, and review your video several times before submitting, making sure your voice is clear and can easily be heard. 


Extracurricular Activities
List the extracurricular activities in which you have been most involved during the last three years, in order of importance to you.

Honors and Awards

List any employment experiences you have had.


Academic History

Have you been found responsible for any:

You may have additional recommenders submit letters of support by email to empowerMEnt@thehouse-inc.com with your name in the subject line.


The information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.  If selected, I understand the requirements described in the application and program details. 

Submitting my application indicates my intent to enroll in the program, if selected.