Age & Opportunity Active National Grant Scheme 2024

for Sport & Physical Activity for Older People

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All relevant sections of this application form MUST BE COMPLETED in full and in CAPITAL LETTERS. We reserve the right not to consider incomplete applications.

Late Applications Will Not Be Considered Under Any Circumstances


Please read terms and conditions carefully. If you require assistance in completing your application contact Age & Opportunity’s Active team.  

You can also contact your local Health Service Executive Coordinator, Local Sports Partnership (see page 8) or in the case of a sports club, your national governing body  

(i.e. Treasurer, Secretary, Physical Activity Leader, Nursing Home Manager, CarePAL, Activities Co-ordinator)

The purpose of this grant is to aid and encourage older people to participate in sport and physical activity, whether they are members of a community group, older person’s group e.g. Active Retirement, in a care setting or want to get involved in a particular sport.

Grant allocations will be between €250 and €700.

Joint applications or applications from Community Development Programmes (CDPs), Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) ,Sports Clubs etc. that provide wider access to community groups may be allocated funding outside of these limits.

About your organisation


It is essential to supply Bank/Credit Union account details

(Note: post office accounts are no longer acceptable) 

Account must be in name of the group / organisation not an individual

If neither Yes or No is ticked it will be assumed there is no insurance in place.
These grants are designed to support the work of the Active programme, including the network of Physical Activity Leaders (PALs), the development of the Go for Life Games and other initiatives.

An active PAL is a group member who has taken part in Active PALs workshops and is regularly leading or helping to organise physical activities with the group. 

A CarePAL is someone who has taken part in our CarePALs training and is leading physical activity in a care setting

2. Grants

Please indicate the purpose for which you are applying for this grant  

·         Note – this can include Online Activity and Outdoor Activity

Short Mat Bowling equipment will only be considered for joint applications, where it will be shared by two or more groups. A separate application form must be completed by each group involved in a joint application

Audio-visual equipment, exercise machines, clothing or footwear will not be considered.

See Page 8 for further details about what will and will not be funded

3. Declaration

Contact Person (please provide signature if applying by post)

In the case of a joint application for bowling equipment, please list below the other group(s) involved in the application.  Each group must complete a separate application form.

Completed application forms must be submitted on line or received via post ( address below)  by 12 noon on Friday the 1st March 2024

N.B. Late applications will not be considered. It is the responsibility of grant applicants to ensure that grant applications are submitted on time with all details completed.  Note that due to the volume of applications we cannot acknowledge receipt of applications.

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Active National Grant Scheme for Sport
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4. Evaluation Form

Note:  This section applies only if you received a grant in 2023
How did you spend the grant received last year?
What % of your group are:

Do you think the grant made the group feel?

On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 meaning strongly disagree and 5 meaning strongly agree):

Age & Opportunity Active is
funded by Sport Ireland and
the HSE.

5.  Key contacts


If you require assistance completing this form, contact the Active Programme team:

                    Sue Guildea, Active Programme Manager

                    Nicole Evans, Active Programme Assistant Manager

                    Philip Duffy, Active Programme Administrator

                    T: (01) 913 3943   /   Website:



You can also contact your local Health Service Executive Coordinator or your Local Sports Partnership:


Olive Fanning
(059) 914 3630

 ▲Deborah Foley
 (059) 913 6241

●Colm Casey
087 681 1197

 ▲Dean McElroy
 (086) 787 8060


●Geri Quinn
(065) 686 5837

▲James Murrihy
(087) 962 7696


●Sharon McGillycuddy
087 760 1103

▲Tim Burke
086 1451381


●Lynda McGuinness
(074) 910 9114

▲Karen Guthrie
(074) 911 6079


Dublin City

▲Catherine Flood
(01) 222 8597

Dublin North

●Mary Scales

Dublin South East

●Michelle Hardie Murphy
(01) 268 3143

Dublin South

●Denise Croke
087 757 4805

▲Helen Dwyer
086 198 6021
Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

●Michelle Hardie Murphy
(01) 268 3143

▲Kevina Malone
087 758 6600


▲Caitriona Geraghty
(01) 890 5000 ext 6247

South County Dublin

●Denise Croke
087 757 4805

▲Thomas McDermott
(01) 414 9000 ext. 330


●Paul Gillen
(091) 737 261

▲Ellie Loftus
087 7511141
Galway City

▲Jason Craughwell
087 9817549

Ellie Loftus
087 7511141


●Anne Culloty
(064) 667 0767

▲Maeve Ryan
087 627 2761 


●Denise Croke
087 757 4805

▲Syl Merrins
(045) 980 547


▲Seamus Nugent
(056) 779 4991


●Clodagh Armitage
(057) 935 7824

▲Caroline Myers
(057) 867 1248


▲Declan Boyle
(071) 965 0498


●Bedelia Collins
(061) 483444

▲Tracy Mahedy
(061) 333 600


●Clodagh Armitage
(057) 935 7824

▲Donal Mulligan
(043) 334 3496


●Carmel Halpin
(046) 907 6400

▲Odhran Doherty
(042) 932 4318

●Paul Gillen
(091) 737 261

▲Ray McNamara
(094) 906 4362


●Carmel Halpin
(046) 907 6400

▲Ruairi Murphy
(046) 906 7337


●Colm Casey
087 681 1197

▲Aisling McDermott
(042) 975 5126


●Clodagh Armitage
(057) 935 7824

▲Olivia Murphy
(057) 935 7462


●Paul Gillen
(091) 737 261

▲Noel Feeley
(090) 663 0853


▲Shane Hayes
(071) 916 1511


●Aoife Dunphy
087 181 9538

▲Ian Collins
(052) 616 6229


●Susan Scully
(051) 846 714

▲Liz McEnaney
087 739 6050


●Clodagh Armitage
(057) 935 7824

▲Tony Wheat
(044) 933 8922


●Paula Lowney
087 275 4752

▲Mary T Keogh
087 6937764


West Wicklow

●Denise Croke
087 757 4805

Rest of Wicklow

●Michelle Hardie Murphy
(01) 268 3143

▲Denise O’Shea
087 966 9634



please refer to the Terms and Conditions document 

accompanying this application form.


Terms and conditions are also available on