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Before you start...
You will need an electronic copy of the following documents to attach with your application:
  • The governing documents of the collaborators involved (signed by an office bearer)
  • A recent bank statement of the lead collaborator (within last 3 months)
  • We will check the Charity Commission website for the accounts of all collaborators, so make sure they are up to date. 
In this form, we will be asking you questions about:
  • Contact details of a main contact and Chairperson of all charities
  • The activities of all charities
  • The funding you need, including details of those who will benefit
  • The budget
  • Most recent financial information, including income, expenditure and reserves of the lead collaborator
To be considered for funding, you must meet the following criteria. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 02890 323 000
 Your group needs to be registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland or other charity regulator within the UK or Ireland. If you are registered, your application must support people from Northern Ireland.
The charity income of all collaborators needs to be less than £500,000 as shown on your most recent set of signed accounts. 
 In addition, you must follow the rules around the minimum number of Trustees/Board Members as set out in your governing document.
If this application involves working with children, young people or vulnerable adults, you must have a safeguarding policy.  For more information go to:
 You will not be able to submit an application if you do not have adequate insurance cover to cover activities contained in this application.
 We do not accept applications completed by a professional fundraising consultant. If you need support to complete this application, sign up for one of our monthly support sessions at
Organisation Details - Lead Collaborator
Lead Organisation Details
Please Include Area Code
Correspondence Details (If different from above)
Lead Main Contact Information
This should be the person who is best placed to discuss this application.
Registered Charity Details of Lead Collaborator
Just the Registered Charity "Number" no pre-letters required.
Collaborating organisation details
Please use the following format: YYYY
Collaborating  Organisation Details
Please Include Area Code
Collaborating  Organisation Main Contact Information
This should be the person at the above named collaborating  organisation who is best placed to discuss this application.
Registered Collaborating Charity Details
Just the Registered Charity "Number" no pre-letters required.

Background To Charity and Present Activities

Please do not provide any personal details (e.g. name) of any individuals in this section.
Target Area
The Foundation has two main target areas - Education/Training and Social/Community Welfare.

Target Community

Present Activities

Details of Funding Needed

Please do not provide any personal details (e.g. name) of any individuals in this section.
Description (200 word limit)

Project Priority (200 word limit)
Description (200 word limit)
Description (200 word limit)
Description (200 word limit)
Outline briefly two objectives for this funding and how these will be achieved

Note: we will ask you about these objectives at evaluation stage should you be successful.

If the same people will benefit  on multiple occasions, only record them once.

Funding Required

In the form below give a detailed breakdown of the costs you require.
Please note: We can consider applications with a budget of up to £20,000 however please only apply for what you need. 

Please enter amounts rounded up to the nearest pound.
You may enter multiple budget lines.
Item or Activity : Tutor costs (10 weeks x 2 hours x £30 per hour)
Total Cost : £600
Amount being requested £600
Item or Activity

Living Wage Friendly Funder

The Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland is a Living Wage Friendly Funder. 

To find out more click here


Financial History of Lead Collaborator

Please provide financial information relating to your most recent signed accounts.
Please only type numbers into money boxes marked with a £.
Do not use decimals or commas and round up to the nearest pound.
For example, £5,000.00 should be entered as 5000, £50.00 should be entered as 50
Negative values should be proceeded by a minus sign, e.g. -2500
Financial History (Most Recent)
Please note: As per our guidance, if your charity holds unrestricted reserves of over 12 months running costs, we are unlikely to be able to support you at this time, unless funds are earmarked for a specific purpose.

Supporting Documents

Please upload and attach an electronic copy of the following documents. 
Click 'Choose file' then attach.

Adopted constitution/memorandum/articles/Trust deed which have been signed by an office bearer

Please provide the most recent bank statement of the Lead Collaborators main account . It must be within the last 3 months. This is where we  will pay your grant should you be successful.

If you are applying for a grant towards salary costs.


Declaration of Chairperson
Please provide contact details for the current Chairperson of your charity. Note: If the Chairperson is listed as the main contact on Page 1, please provide details of another Committee Member/Trustee.
Chairperson/Committee Member Contact Information
Include area code
PLEASE NOTE:  This form must be completed in full and submitted with all the supporting documentation before your application can be considered by the Foundation. 

Upon clicking PROCEED TO SIGNATURE you will be taken to a page where you can review the information you are submitting to us. You will also be asked to electronically sign your name either by using your mouse to 'sign' on the line, or by selecting the 'type your name to sign' option box. You must also provide a valid email address (this can be the same as you provided on Page 1 of the Application form). Once you are happy with the information provided and have filled out your ESignature for you can then click the Submit Signed Response button. 

Once this is done you will receive an email with a verification link to confirm your signature. Hence the need for a valid email address. This is very importantwithout confirming your signature we may be unable to progress your application.

If we offer you a grant, we will publish information about your organisation including name, location and the activity we have funded (project description), date awarded and grant amount.  We are proud to be working with 360Giving, helping us to share this information.