AMSI ACE Network Enrolment Form | Semester One 2024

We hope that you enjoy this semester's subjects!

Who can enrol?
  • Honours students, masters students, 3rd-year undergraduates and PhD students at Australian and New Zealand universities
  • Recent graduates, early career researchers and those in industry looking to upskill

How many subjects can I take?
Up to three. 

Can I enrol in a subject if the lecturer is from my university? 
We strongly encourage you to enrol internally instead of over the ACE Network. Students enrolled at their lecturer's university need to confirm their eligibility to enrol in ACE Network subjects for credit.

How can I decide whether a subject is right for me?
Read the subject guidelines and take the pre-enrolment quizzes available at Students should also discuss with your supervisor/program coordinator.

Can I take my subject(s) for credit?

Students can take AMSI ACE subjects for credit with the permission of your home university. It is your responsibility to discuss with your honours/masters/program coordinator to confirm your eligibility and receive the required permissions. If you're not sure who to speak to, email a lecturer or tutor to check.

Do I need to supply the details of my program coordinator even if I'm not taking subjects for credit?


How much does enrolment cost?

If you are a student currently enrolled at an AMSI member university, ACE enrolment is free

All other participants (non-member students, member non-students & non-member non students) need to pay for AMSI ACE Network subject enrolments. 
  • AMSI Member student - Free
  • AMSI Member standard (e.g. ECRs, academics, industry professionals) - $750 per subject
  • Non-member student - $500 per subject
  • Non-member (e.g. ECRs, academics, industry professionals) - $1500 per subject
Please click the following EventBrite link to make your subject payment - EventBrite link

Withdrawals more than four weeks after subject start dates will not be eligible for a refund.

Can I enrol anytime?
Check the enrolment close date for each subject on the timetable. Enrolments may close early if a lecturer determines that maximum class capacity has been reached.

Why do I need to supply my information?
We require your complete, correct details to process your enrolment and grant you access to study portals. We also need to record anonymised information for reporting purposes. Please see our privacy notice below.

Privacy notice

All information collected in this form is collected by AMSI's Research and Higher Education program. You can contact us at or on +61 3 8344 1777.

Your answers help us understand and better serve our cohort. The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute respects the privacy of individuals and acknowledges that the information you provide on the form is personal information as defined by privacy legislation.
  • The information is being collected for the purpose of processing enrolments
  • The intended recipients of the information are the program organisers and any service providers as required (e.g. lecturers, program coordinators)
  • We ask for identifying information such as your gender and residency status for official reporting purposes to stakeholders (such as government departments and AMSI Members). Only aggregate data which does not identify any individuals may be published in reporting.
  • The information which you provide is confidential and will not be disclosed without your consent unless the disclosure is authorised or required by law
If you have any questions or issues with the form, please contact

Personal Details

DOB is required to get access to some of the host university Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as USyd and UNE

We ask this question due to reporting requirements. Only de-identified data is included in our reporting

Your Academic Details

Program Coordinator Details
We will share your AMSI ACE Network assessment results with your program coordinator at the end of the semester

NOTE: If you intend to sit a subject for credit, it is your responsibility to discuss with your home university and receive permission to do so. If eligible, you will receive the credit from your home university so discuss with your honours/master coordinator to ensure you follow your home university process to receive a credit (e.g. enrolling in a shell subject). 

It is your responsibility to discuss with your home university and receive permission to take subjects for credit

Program Details

Please include any accessibility requirements, learning constraints, disability access plans.

Enrolment Fee Payment

Subscription Preferences

Once you hit submit you will be able to review all of your responses and print a copy for your own records.