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Thank you for your interest in participating as a presenter for one of Nonprofit New York's programming. Our programming includes the following:
  • Trainings
  • Member Office Hours
  • In-Person Presenter or Panelist
This form will take about 15-20 minutes for you to complete and you have the ability to save your progress.

Please note that Nonprofit New York reviews applications approximately once per quarter. You will receive notification that your form has been submitted and you will receive notice of whether your application has been accepted within 2 months.

Nonprofit New York has made a commitment to center racial equity in all areas of our work, and the expertise that you share with our community is an integral part of that. We welcome applications from all who apply especially those who identify as being part of the BIPOC community, LGBTQ+ community, Disability community, or any other communities that are underrepresented.  
Contact Information

Program Description
Below is a detailed description of each of the programming Nonprofit New York offers:
  • Trainings (Virtual): Nonprofit New York provides trainings to our members and non-members that cover a variety of topics. These trainings occur on the first and third Tuesday of every month between 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM. Trainers will be compensated at a rate of $200 per session.
  • Member Office Hours (Virtual): Occurs on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 11:00 AM. An expert in a field related to our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence (KANES) will be there to provide virtual Q&A for members who wish to join. Then afterward, presenters will be asked to provide one hour of follow-up to members who have outstanding questions. Experts will be compensated at a rate of $200 per session.
  • Other Opportunities: Throughout the year, Nonprofit New York holds several other opportunities for presenters to engage with our members and share their expertise on a variety of topics. These opportunities may either be in-person or virtual.
  • Presenter or Panelist (In-Person): As part of Nonprofit New York's larger events like the Annual Meeting or Annual Conference, these individuals will be a part of panel or present a session during the event (Note: You must have completed at least one of the above programming in order to be considered a Presenter or Panelist for our annual events).

Nonprofit New York is seeking proposals from individuals or groups who are interested in leading professional development trainings/webinars. This opportunity is open to nonprofit staff, consultants, and others. Presenters will be compensated at a rate of $200 per session. 

Proposals are reviewed on a quarterly basis for consideration to take place the following quarter from when they were received.  If you would like to submit more than one training, please click "Add Another Response" on the bottom right.

Reach out to If you have any questions

Member Office Hours
Member Office Hours will be held via Zoom on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 11:00am - 12:00pm.
Compensation for Member Office Hours is $200. This includes one hour of responding to real time and pre-submitted questions on Zoom and a second  hour of availability for individualized follow-up and/or one-on-one consulting for our members. Each month there will be two experts participating, one on the second Thursday of the month and one expert on the fourth Thursday of the month. 

Nonprofit New York will continue to collect questions from our Helpline, surveys, and reports related to these issues. We are looking for experts who are comfortable addressing an array of issues, including the kinds of questions outlined below. If you feel you can speak to one or more of the topics below, please apply!

We accept applications for individuals with experience in any of our key areas of nonprofit excellence:
  • Technology and Data Use
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management 
  • Communications
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Advocacy and Strategic Alliances

Other Opportunities
Nonprofit New York holds several other opportunities for presenters to engage with our members and share their expertise on a variety of topics. One such event is our In-Person Workshop Series.  These opportunities may either be in-person or virtual.

Presenter or Panelist
Nonprofit New York holds an Annual Conference that takes place during the fall. During this event, presenters will be able to engage with an audience of over 300 individuals who work in the New York nonprofit field. You will be able to share your expertise on a topic as either a panelist or a solo presenter during one of our sessions. The conference sessions usually run from 45 to 90 minutes. This requires a large time commitment and as a panelist or a presenter for our conference, you will be working alongside the Nonprofit New York and be required to attend several prep sessions.

At Nonprofit New York, we believe that our collective strength lies in the rich diversity of experiences in our city and sector. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds, especially those from underrepresented communities, to apply.

This information will not be shared outside of our organization and will not be used for purposes other than internal demographic analysis. While we appreciate your participation, this information is not required in order to apply to work with Nonprofit New York. 
Presenter Demographic Information

Nonprofit New York Policies and Practices

Non-Solicitation Policy
Nonprofit New York's educational workshops and trainings are learning experiences and are thereby non-commercial. Although presenters are welcome to provide contact information and distribute basic information about their organization or firm, or to mention an offering as an incidental part of a larger presentation, under no circumstances should a session be used as a forum for direct promotion of a speaker's products or services for monetary self-interest. Only 4% or less of the total workshop should be devoted to basic information about your organization or firm (appx. 5 minutes out of a 2-hour workshop, for example).

Presenters will:
  • Meet all deadlines 
  • Notify Nonprofit New York immediately of any changes of availability or changes of presenter(s)
  • Honor commitment to provide quality educational program and handouts.
  • Observe the non-solicitation policy (described above) and adhere to the Nonprofit New York Codes of Conduct when interacting with Nonprofit New York staff, members, or audiences.
  • Agree to be photographed and included in Nonprofit New York's communications platforms, including - but not limited to - social media, (including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) and all websites and media platforms controlled by Nonprofit New York, for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Presentation. 
  • Agree to any recordings being added to Nonprofit New York's online Knowledge Center.
  • Promote the event in advance through Presenter(s)’s networks, such as email, social media, word of mouth, etc.
  • Agree that Nonprofit New York's evaluation process, as administered by Nonprofit New York staff, is the sole evaluation tool for all Presentations. 

Nonprofit New York will:
  • Provide meeting room and refreshments for in-person Presentations, and webinar or recording access via Zoom or similar webinar platform for webinars and recordings.
  • Promote Presentation in its discretion through Nonprofit New York electronic marketing and offer Presenter professional exposure to the New York City area nonprofit community.
  • Manage registration of Presentation attendees.
  • Provide logistical support, including with registration, room set-up, handout assembly when requested, and minor A/V and technical support as appropriate to the Presentation type.
  • Conduct evaluation process and provide summary and anonymous Presentation evaluation results to Presenter(s).
  • Provide attribution to any Presenter Content if published in Nonprofit New York’s monthly newsletter, Knowledge Center, or distributed on social media or website channels.


Please contact

Thank you for your interest in supporting Nonprofit New York's work to strengthen and unite New York nonprofits!