2024 California Cooperative Conference
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Call for presenters

California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD) is seeking presenter proposals for the 2024 California Cooperative Conference to be held in San Diego, CA, on Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Presenting at the co-op conference allows you to contribute to the co-op movement, to interact with amazing people, and to participate in the conference for free or at reduced costs.*

Conference workshops should focus on promoting, starting, and effectively operating a cooperative, strategies in assisting cooperatives, or sharing a story about an innovative or interesting cooperative. Workshops can be applicable to all kinds of co-ops or targeted to specific sectors. The conference will include special emphasis on the following sectors:

  • Housing Cooperatives
  • Worker Cooperatives or Democratic ESOPs (including conversions and worker co-op farms) 
  • Consumer Food Cooperatives
  • MCLE Accredited Workshops for Attorneys (presented in a manner that is also valuable to non-attorneys)

How to Apply:

Please complete and submit the this form by Friday, Jan 19, 2024We welcome proposals for workshops consistent with the themes presented below. 

  • Co-op Governance and Communication--Help leaders effectively make decisions, communicate, or monitor the financial performance of their cooperative. We encourage workshops across the experience spectrum.
  • Cooperative Basics & Start-up--Effective approaches and strategies for starting a cooperative, including the conversion of an existing business to a cooperative. An important area in start-up includes the many ways that start-ups can be capitalized. 
  • Legal Issues in Cooperatives--Preference is given for workshops that will qualify for MCLE credit.
  • Finance and Equity Issues--Funding strategies for start-up, growth or for special purposes. Workshops that help existing co-ops manage and grow equity or to use it in productive, innovative ways.
  • Cooperative Culture and Member Engagement--Strategies to maintain a positive cooperative culture and help members stay involved from start-up through growth and change. 
  • Co-op Case Studies--Detailed accounts of co-ops that present meaningful lessons for strategies to emulate and those to avoid. 
  • How Co-ops Promote Economic Development & Address Community Needs--Designed for Economic/Community Development Professionals, City Staff and Elected Officials, sessions can share examples of initiatives, projects, and strategies. We especially welcome proposals about limited equity housing cooperatives
  • Advancing the Co-op Movement--Big picture ideas, examples, and strategies.

* Full-day conference fee is waived for solo presenters who present one workshop, with reduced fee for the second day; full conference fee is waived for 2 solo workshops. Workshop panels of up to 3 participants each gain 50% discount on the conference fee. Further discounts apply for presenters who participate in more than one workshop or panel.

More information about the conference's workshops, speakers, registration, sponsorships, and membership can be found on our website: www.cccd.coop

Questions? Contact us at info@cccd.coop or 530-297-1032.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you at the conference!
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