All student applicants must meet the following criteria:
  1. Enrollment as a high school junior or senior in Fall 2024
  2. Demonstrated outstanding general academic achievement with particular focus on science coursework.
  3. Ability to participate in all program activities as required during the eight-week period. 
  4. No more than three absences total are permitted throughout the duration of the program. College tours/orientations and vacations should be scheduled so as to avoid any conflicts. If an absence from program participation is required, the student must contact the Office of Education at education@lundquist.org
Please contact the Education Office at education@lundquist.org if you anticipate a conflict with any of the dates or program requirements as listed above.


The following materials must be submitted by the application deadline of March 31, 2024:
  1. 2024 Summer Fellowship Program Student Online Application Form.
  2. Official high school transcript.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers, preferably science teachers.
Applications, transcripts, and letters of recommendation can be:
  1. Submitted online.
  2. Sent via email to education@lundquist.org
  3. Sent via mail to:
    The Lundquist Institute
    Office of Education
    1124 W. Carson St.
    Torrance, CA 90502-2064
Personal Information

Some research projects involve the use of radiation. You must be 18 years old to work on these projects.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information

School Information

High School Science Courses

High School Math Courses

Academic Information

Scholastic Honors Received

Areas of Scientific/Medical Research

Briefly describe your answers for each question below in 200 words or less.

Letters of Recommendation
You are required to submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation by March 31, 2024. Please submit the names of the high school teachers providing a letter of recommendation, which must be mailed to:

The Lundquist Institute
Office of Education
1124 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90502-2064

Or by email to education@lundquist.org.

All letters must be submitted on high school letterhead. Emailed letters must originate from the recommender's email address.

High school transcripts and letters of recommendation must be directly mailed or emailed to the Office of Education by the school/recommenders. You may attach additional documents you wish to provide to the admissions committee here.

Questions? Please email education@lundquist.org.