DOFL Restaurant Agreement

As a participant in Dining Out for Life® you agree to:

1. Contribute to Nashville CARES a minimum of 30% of gross food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases (or include alcohol in purchases for an extra boost) for all patrons dining on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, including dine-in and to-go (unless another date and amount is authorized in writing by Nashville CARES).

2. Allow Nashville CARES to use your restaurant’s name, location, and phone number in materials and communications promoting the event.

3. Promote the event by displaying provided Dining Out For Life® posters and distributing your choice of provided promotional materials at the restaurant prior to and during the event, promote the event on restaurant’s newsletters and social media marketing for a minimum of one month leading up to and on the day of the event (as applicable).

4. Permit Nashville CARES, it's volunteers, and staff to help promote your restaurant and invite people to dine that day via our own marketing activities or direct outreach to our constituents. Also, you agree to allow Nashville CARES to promote restaurant via the Dining Out for Life website including your restaurant name, phone number, street address and a live link to the restaurant website.

5. IMPORTANT: You agree to Report your restaurant's final results to Nashville CARES WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE EVENT, AND NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, May 15, 2024. Your report should include Pre-tax gross sales for all patrons served (not just those specifying Dining Out For Life®) which shall be the basis for calculating the contribution due. Also, you agree to mail your contribution to Nashville CARES by May 31, 2024. An Event Sales and Contribution Report form will be provided to you for completion and submission to Nashville CARES.  

In exchange, Nashville CARES will:

1. Promote your restaurant via the Dining Out For Life® website with your restaurant name, phone number, street address and a live link to the restaurant website.

2. Coordinate a publicity campaign to promote Dining Out For Life® via local radio, television, print media, social media marketing and email campaigns with more than 25 million impressions.

3. Provide attractive, quality event promotional materials that may include posters, table tents, check inserts, invitations, and other printed items.

4. Recruit volunteers to invite people to dine with restaurants for Dining Out For Life® on May 8, 2024 (or other day if agreed in writing with Nashville CARES).

5. Report overall event results to all participants.

Please note: Your completed form below as signed and executed constitutes a legal binding agreement between you and Nashville CARES.

Section 1 - Restaurant Information

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Marketing Contact

Section 2: Participation Details 
We agree to contribute a minimum of the percentage selected below of total gross food and beverage sales of all patrons during Dining Out for Life on May 8, 2024.

Section 3: Marketing Materials
We ask that promotional materials be visible from April 8, 2024 -May 8, 2024
Please indicate how many of the following materials you'd like.

Section 4: Gift Card Donation
Support Nashville CARES by donating a gift card from your restaurant valued at $25 or more. Restaurants that provide a gift card will receive extra promotion leading up to the event and at other Nashville CARES events.

Section 5: Additional Promotion 

Section 6: Agreement