Great Manchester Half Marathon 2024

Event Information
Sunday 26 May 2024

Please fill in this form to apply for a Stonewall charity place in the Great Manchester Half Marathon 2024.

Places are limited and in high demand.

We allocate our places based on the information you provide in this form.

If you have your own place at the Great Manchester Half Marathon and want to use it to raise money for us, please contact the team at
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If you are allocated a Stonewall place in the Great Manchester Half Marathon we will ask that you fundraise a minimum of £300, not including Gift Aid.

We maintain contact with you regarding your event entry, and if you are allocated a place we will need to stay in touch by email and phone. We'd also love to keep in touch with you and share the impact of our work, our latest campaigns, events, news and ways LGBT equality further. Let us know if we can contact you by: