Back to School: Aged-Out Application - Spring 2024

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New Yorkers For Children

As the nonprofit partner to New York City's Administration for Children Services, NYFC protects, promotes and ensures the safety of New York City's children and families, with an emphasis on children in foster care.
Program Information and Eligibiliy

Back To School Program

We are proud to support young adults in their efforts to achieving their educational goals through the Back-To-School Package Program. Our goal is to serve as many foster youth from New York City as possible.

If you are a first-time eligible applicant, you are eligible to receive a brand new laptop computer and a $100 gift card. Returning applicants are eligible to register each semester through college graduation (or until age 26) to receive a $100 gift card. Please complete all required sections to ensure that your application is properly submitted. Please note that due to budgetary constraints we are no longer offering metrocards through this program.


Please note that this application is only for youth that have aged out of foster care in New York City. If you are still in care, please contact your agency worker to register you for a package. 

Eligibility Requirements 

You are eligible for a Back-to-School Package Program if you:

  • Have currently aged out of foster care within the New York City System
  • Aged 26 or younger
  • Enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year college or university and have graduated from high school (high school seniors cannot be registered) or have a HSE/TASC certificate
  • Registered for a vocational program that is at least 90 days (language immersion classes does not qualify)

Registration Period:

January 22nd to March 29th, 2024

*This is an undergraduate program.*

Laptop Distribution and Registration

First-time students attending school or vocational program locally will be required to pick up their laptop at the NYFC office located at 450 7th Ave., Suite 1707 in Manhattan. Our office hours will be sent via email.

Students must bring a photo ID and provide their school ID number.


If you are unable to come to our office or are not attending a local college or vocational program, please contact us at (646) 257-2930 about delivery option.


 Please apply as soon as you can, as applications are processed in the order that they are received.


After you submit your application:


  • Expect an email confirmation that NYFC has received your request within 2 weeks of submission.
  • If you have questions regarding your application or package contact or call (646) 257-2930.
This application is intended for applicants who have aged out of foster care in New York City. If you are currently in foster care in New York City, please contact your agency worker to register.

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Contact Information

Personal Information

Foster Care Agency Information

This application is intended for applicants who have aged out of foster care. If you have not aged out of foster care, please contact your agency worker to register.

Academic Information

In order to complete your application you must include a copy of your current class schedule and unofficial transcript. Screenshot pictures of your schedule and/or transcript are acceptable.

By E-signing below, I affirm that all statements made on this application are true. I understand that a false statement or intentional omission of any material fact may cause me to be disqualified from eligibility of this application.