#IWill with LOOK

Complete this form to express your interest in our #IWill project for visually impaired young people aged 10 – 16 in Herefordshire and surrounding counties. By registering here you are expressing your interest in our events and agreeing to receive communications about upcoming events and opportunities.

Brand new for 2024, iWill is a nine month mentoring and engagement programme empowering VI young people to develop their own voice and be heard amongst their local community and beyond. 

Through a range of workshops, activities and social events, the project is an opportunity to embrace new skills, explore self advocacy and identify what’s truly important as VI young people, with the aim being included and heard in our local communities. 

We’ll learn about speaking confidently both in public and in online spaces, body confidence and more, putting what we’ve learnt into practice by participating in real-world activities, all facilitated by VI young adults selected to be strong role-models for our children. 

By the end of the programme we’ll have built a strong foundation of communication skills, an understanding of the channels available to have our voices heard and participated in a range of confidence building experiences, both with VI peers and our community as a whole. From a visit to BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio to engaging with the public at Hay Festival, the project is designed to have a hands-on approach, offering starting-block experiences that will give your child the confidence they need as they develop as young VI people. 

We’ll be recording podcasts, raising awareness of VI issues and finding our own paths towards becoming strong, motivated and well-rounded individuals, all while building our own friendships along the way. 

This is a nine part programme for 10 - 16 year olds that runs from February - September in Hereford.