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The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship (The Fellowship) is a program dedicated to supporting the growth and reach of diverse advocacy organizations and their leadership teams situated at the intersection of race equity, health justice, and organizational transformation. It honors the legacy and vision of Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst's longtime and founding executive director. 

At Community Catalyst, we have always believed that investing in community leadership is essential to progress. The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship is designed to deepen that commitment, with an emphasis on supporting organizations of color. To date, 22 Fellows from all regions of the country have graduated from the program.  


Since Community Catalyst launched the Fellowship in the fall of 2020, the program has been a significant part of our ability to grow into an even more trusted partner to hundreds of community-based organizations at the local, state, and national level–and to imagine how we can build power and unity together to advance a health system rooted in race equity and health justice. 

The Fellowship's primary objective is to build the capacity of advocacy leaders and their organizations to reshape the health system, so it is reflective of and responsive to community wants and needs. To do this, we equip individual Fellows and their teams with the tools, resources, and teamwork they need to transform their organizations. From this, these organizations will be able to take greater strides toward race equity and health justice.  

Community Catalyst is accepting applications from local, state, and national health advocates who are dedicated to pursuing a specific organizational transformation and deepening their practice toward race equity and health justice. 

As part of their application, teams will need to submit at least one proposal for an organizational transformation goal they wish to pursue through the Fellowship, rooted in the Fellowship’s four guiding principles:  
  • Leadership and Teamwork 
  • Organizational Transformation 
  • Powerful and Unique Partnerships 
  • Leadership Through a Race Equity and Health Justice Lens 

If chosen as a recipient of this fellowship the organization will also need to submit:
  • completed w9
  • bank wiring information
  • completed Fellowship budget excel (template to be shared)
  • IRS determination letter
A completed Application will include this form as well as a completed Fellow Applicant form from each of the three individuals applying as part of your organizational team.

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Eligibility Quiz

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You are not eligible to apply for this funding. 

Please note a complete application will include this organizational overview form and a completed Fellowship Applicant form from each of the three individuals applying as part of your organizational team.

Organizational Overview

If using a fiscal sponsor, please use your project size not that of the fiscal sponsor. 

Community Catalyst defines an organization of color (OOC) as an organization that fits the following criteria: 1) Those served: The organization is primarily focused on improving the lives of the communities of the following identities: Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a/e/x Arab/Arab American, MENA (Middle Eastern Northern African), African, Southeast Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, immigrants, and/or any other identities of color not listed and their families; and 2) Mission: this is reflected in the organization’s mission, goals, and program activities; and, 3) Leadership: A majority (75%) of Leadership (board members, executive director, and senior management as defined by your organization) identify as members of the above-listed communities.  

The program prioritizes organizations and leaders of color, inviting all interested leaders and diverse teams within local, state, and national health advocacy organizations to apply.

Organizational Overview Cont. 
Please keep these answers under or close to 250 words. 

Organizational Transformation

Commitment to Racial Equity and Health Justice