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Helptext: If applying as a partnership, please fill out the following information for the lead applicant organisation

Codice fiscale / partita IVA se applicabile
When an action has a measurable effect on someone or something it is called an impact. For instance, what you do in your project will have an impact after a certain length of time.
Please enter your website and social media addresses:
codice fiscale / partita IVA se applicabile
codice fiscale / partita IVA se applicabile
codice fiscale / partita IVA se applicabile
A social issue is a challenge or problem faced by a person (or group of people)
If you are providing a video, don’t worry - you don’t need to produce a high quality or expensive video. You can use a smartphone or tablet. We just want to hear you telling the story of your project in 2 - 3 mins max. Please tell us: who you are, why you are applying for the grant, the problem/issue your project is trying to solve, and what you are hoping to achieve with the grant. You can then upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Please do not password protect it. You can insert the URL link here.
‘Outputs’ are usually short-term results made up of measurable things like the number of participants or the number of years taking part in a programme. ‘Outcomes’ describe the changes that have happened. Examples of outcomes include increased confidence in participants or improved environmental metrics
A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation with a vested interest, or stake, in the decision-making and activities of an organisation or project. Stakeholders can be members of the organisation they have a stake in, or they can have no official affiliation.
Scaling can include 'scaling deep' (e.g. more impact to current beneficiaries), 'scaling out' (e.g. expanding geographically) or 'scaling up' (e.g. collaboration with others)
This impact is to be achieved between the fund timeline of July 2024 – April 2025.
Innovative can mean new, different or creative.
Note the SEFIT Fund Approval Committee makes the final decision of how much money is granted to each project
Note: You cannot spend it on scholarships/bursaries (grants), buildings, vans/cars, renovations, large equipment or hardware.

For  the next question you will be required to download this project budget template and reupload it with your completed information.

Please click here to download your copy.

Please download and edit the excel above, then fill it with your financial information. Please upload it by pressing 'Choose File'

The leader for this project will participate in SEFIT’s Accelerator Programme and report on the grant to us. If you do not have a project leader yet, please tell us about the experience of the people within your organisation. The accelerator programme is a series of workshops your organisation takes part in if they are awarded the fund.
When your company’s financial records have been checked by an auditor to make sure that they are correct and lawful, these records are called audited accounts.

For the next question, you may need to download this Management accounts template and reupload it with your completed information.

Please click here to download your copy.

Management accounts are reports that assess your company’s performance over a certain period (for example monthly or quarterly). They usually consists of: a profit and loss account, a balance sheet, a cash-flow statement, and an analysis or commentary. If you do not have Management Accounts, please download and edit the linked sheet above, then complete it with your project's financial information.

Examples include support with: strategic planning, marketing, communications, impact measurement, leadership development, business planning, organisational development, fundraising, financial sustainability


Litigation: Settling a dispute in a court of law.
Immediate family members include siblings, parents, partners and children.

For the next question, you need to download this Declaration of Honour template and reupload it with a completed digital signature from a senior staff member of your organisation (e.g., CEO).

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