Off to College Live with The Diabetes Link in 2024

The transition to college is an exciting time - and one that can cause anxiety and stress among students and their families,  The Diabetes Link is here to help everyone on the college journey to feel confident and knowledgable  about what to expect during this time. While each student, family, and college search is unique, we know that there are common questions and concerns, such as: What are accommodations? How do I tell my roommate? Where do I get my diabetes supplies? 

Register below for our 2024 Off to College Live Sessions - a series of virtual events designed for families, parents and high school juniors and/or seniors that each focus on the most asked about topics. They'll feature expert speakers as well as current and former students to share their experiences, tips, and tricks to help make the transition to college a safe and successful one.

Can’t wait for our upcoming topics? Check out our current collection of Off to College Resources over on our hub. 

Thank you to our Off to College Sponsors: Dexcom, Vertex, Lilly, Novo, and Sanofi. 

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