ILP Summer 2024 Volunteer Application

Good news! We have some exciting things going on for our Summer 2024 trips that you can take advantage of.

1. Get a $100 discount — No special code needed! Just submit this application and your discount will be automatically applied. Discount will be taken off the last payment of your program fee for your Summer 2024 trip.

2. Summer 2024 financing with Affirm — we're launching a pilot program for Summer 2024 volunteers to get exclusive financing through Affirm! You may qualify for zero interest financing of up to 24 months (making your program fee payments as low as $99/month). After you submit this application, we'll be scheduling a phone interview to chat more about the program. We can chat more about this new financing option during your interview to see if that's a good fit for you.

Semester + Location

Great! We actually have a separate alumni application that you'll need to submit instead of this one.

We currently have programs in the following countries:
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Thailand
  • Uganda
  • Vanuatu

Each program is unique, so we'll chat about which countries you're interested in during your phone interview (which is scheduled after this form is submitted). In the meantime, we recommend checking out the highlight bubbles on the @ilptakeovers Instagram account to get a better look at each location.

About Me

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Personal Health:

About The ILP Program

Head Teacher Opportunities:

We occasionally have opportunities for first time ILP volunteers to be assigned a leadership role for the group, known as the Head Teacher. While preference for this spot is given to ILP alumni (those who have previously completed a semester with ILP as a volunteer), we do consider qualified volunteer applicants as well.

If a spot opens for your assigned semester and you would like to be considered, please opt in by checking the box below. Our Head Teacher rep will reach out to you for an interview if an opportunity arises.

ILP Code of Conduct and Rules:

All volunteers agree to the following standards:
  • Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Do not use vulgar or profane language
  • Obey local laws and help other volunteers do the same
  • Follow ILP guidelines for dress and demeanor for your location
  • Refrain from romantic relationships or non-marital intimate behavior with other volunteers or locals. The standard is not how the volunteers characterize the behavior, but how others perceive it.
  • Dating apps are prohibited during the program
  • Travel plans must be approved by ILP prior to travel
  • Follow curfews and rules given by the Head Teacher or Local Coordinators