KAHAL Abroad Experience Microgrants 

As part of the KAHAL Spring 2024 Abroad Experience, JDC Entwine is offering microgrants of up to $150 to Jewish students studying abroad. These funds would be reserved for those invested in enriching their Jewish experience abroad. Below are some examples of what would qualify for microgrants: 

    • Paying for an entrance ticket to attend a Jewish event.
    • Providing supplies to celebrate Shabbat or a Jewish Holiday in a student space.
    • Running a one-off event to bring Jewish students together in their abroad destination. 

In order to apply for the microgrant, please submit a POP Proposal. Details on what is included in a POP are attached, along with an example. Students must have a US Bank Account to qualify for reimbursement. 


Before submitting please reach out to Mika Stein to at mikaelst@jdc.org to see if your program qualifies. 

Applications close May 31st, 2024.

Basic Information