Family Business Program (ECHO) Application

The Wallace McCain Institute starts new ECHO peer groups for family businesses based on interest rather than on a regular schedule. Once 25 people have filled out this survey, we contact those individuals and set up a formation focus group.

* ECHO1 started in March 2009
* ECHO2 started in September 2011 … and adopted 2 new members in June 2019
* ECHO3 started in February 2014 and has positions open for "adoption"
* ECHO4 started April 2019

After completing the survey, we will be in touch to talk about the best fit for you.
It is assumed that you have already read the brochure found HERE.
About the Applicant

About the family business
(2 if your prent founded it ...)

Application Questions

The questions below allow the judges to determine the fit between you and ELP.  You are not able to exceed the allotted space for any given answer.  Applications must be received by March 31st.


Provide the names as well as the emails and/or phone numbers for 2 business references and an alumnus you have discussed this with (if possible).  By sending this application, you confirm that you have had a discussion with an alumni or WMI staff about the program cost & ongoing program expectations.

UNB and the WMI are committed to protecting the personal information of all applicants.  The information collected on this application form will be used solely for the purposes of selection for the next ECHO and will be accessible only to the judges (marked confidential) and WMI staff.   For more information on the protection of personal information at UNB contact the Wallace McCain Institute (c/o UNB President's Office), Sir Douglas Howard Hall Rm 111 University of New Brunswick 3 Bailey Dr. PO Box 4400 Fredericton NB Canada E3B 5A3 (506) 453-4613.  Applications will only be retained in the WMI electronic files indefinitely but destroyed by judges after the selection.