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SECTION A:  Personal Particulars

SECTION B:  Educational qualifications (including short courses and industry examinations)

Educational Qualifications

SECTION C:  Professional experience in Maintenance Planning

C.1 Overview of maintenance planner experience.


1. This section applies to your total maintenance planner experience – including previous roles where applicable. Provide a brief overview of the role – 50 words max.

2. Where an applicant has had more than one employer/client relating to overall maintenance planner experience, these should be added, with sequential reference numbers, by completing ''Add Another Position'' It is important to provide an overview of your TOTAL experience in maintenance planning here – at all levels.

3. Commence with most recent employer/client through to earliest employer/client (referenced #1, #2 etc)

4. Applicants are advised to consider the requirements of C2 below and list positions at employers/clients for which the information required for C2 relating to the current application can be provided, if requested.

Employment History

C2 Experience at level relevant to maintenance planner application

Limit the experiences to those that are enough to demonstrate required level of competence, reference number (Aligned to C1)
Experience History


A registered professional (in any recognised field) must corroborate the nature of the experience indicated and the specific participation and role of the applicant in the preparation of the artefacts. 

SECTION D: Declaration

I, the applicant, hereby declare that:
I have read, understand and have no objections to the SAAMA registration policy and guidelines
All particulars and documents submitted relating to this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge; and
I have read, understand, support and will abide by the SAAMA code of conduct for registered persons.
I understand that should my application be unsuccessful, an appeal fee will be applicable.
Applicants should receive an email confirming submission within a working day…..i.If not received (possible break in communications), please access draft and resubmit – if not able to access draft, please contact the Secretariat – 011 061 5000

Please attach the proof of payment of application fee of R 2,000 per application. Payments can be made to:
Account name: Southern African Asset Management Association.
Account number: 93-2876-5151
Account type: Current
Branch: ABSA Commercial Business Jhb West
Branch code: 632005