COABE's Adult Education Alumni Study Consent Form and Questionnaire

The Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) is conducting a study to better understand the benefits of participating in Adult Education programs. This study will last approximately 3 years, and during that time COABE may occasionally contact you to complete brief surveys. Your responses and identity will remain confidential. Your responses will be grouped with other responses to help understand the impact adult education has on individuals and their families. Survey responses might be highlighted in presentations or publications, but they will not be traceable to individuals. All personal information will be held in confidence and will not be sold or distributed in any way.

Although participants will not be paid for their time, COABE will conduct periodic prize drawings throughout the span of the study.

Please check the box to indicate that you agree to participate in COABE’s study and to receive approximately four (4) text messages per year from COABE (message and data rates may apply). By checking the box, you understand that you may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.

Please contact with any questions or concerns about the study.

Consent to Participate
Contact Information
Employment Information
Education and Training
Where are You Now
All information you provide will remain confidential, and anything shared in publications, presentations, or other public areas or with officials will be general and will not reveal the identity of individuals or be traceable to specific people. 
Thank you for your participation!