Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Community of Care Program. Together, we will strengthen families living through childhood cancer by providing support by utilizing the people or other resources within their communities. We can't do this without you, nor would we want to.  You are a missing piece for families with children currently on treatment nationwide. Though we can't end a family's cancer journey, through the Community of Care Program, we can make sure that they do not walk it alone.


As a volunteer in the Community of Care Program and representatives of Lighthouse, we expect that all volunteers commit and adhere to the following:


CONDUCT. As a Christ-centered organization, we ask that you serve with an open heart, lead with love and humility, and pray to be filled with the Word so that you can operate from the overflow from within as you pour into these families. Always be mindful that we cannot give away what we do not have.


We ask that you see families through the lens of Christ. Viewing them through His eyes allows us to meet families where they are, without expectations, without judgment. Be the hands and feet of Jesus as you provide care through the program offerings.


We ask that you attend all meetings and community of care events, complete all family service opportunities, and communicate effectively with your care team. As you serve a family living through childhood cancer, you will build trust and community with your Care Team and within your own family as well.


CONFIDENTIALITY. The most valuable thing our families give us is their trust; there is no genuine community without it. Their privacy is something we must always protect. Sharing identifying information, such as their contact information and any of their health information outside the parameters of this program and the Lighthouse Family Retreat Organization, could result in a loss of trust.


Illness and Sickness Guidelines. Part of gaining each family's trust is knowing we will do our part to keep them safe. Eligible families for the Community of Care Program have a child currently on treatment for cancer. Care families are always at risk due to the compromised immune system of the child with cancer. Each family member's responsibility is to be safe and protect their family. We all must follow and adhere to the precautions put in place by Lighthouse Family Retreat.


Social Media, Photos, and Videos. We love capturing memories of you serving your family. Please remember to share pictures and videos with your Team Lead while being mindful of posting photos and videos with names identifying names or sharing any medical information.

By entering my name below I acknowledge that I have read and commit to adhere to the expectations, guidelines, and documents listed above on behalf of myself and any minors listed above.