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NOTE: Use this form to apply to join a Technical Advisory Group (TAG). If you are interested in applying to be an individual Technical Advisor (TA), please complete this form instead.

ILFI’s community of practice is vital to informing the technical development, continued industry leadership, and transparency of ILFI’s programs. Volunteer members of ILFI’s Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) are critical partners that represent industry leadership and deep technical expertise in relevant topic areas and are able to weigh in on decisions pertaining to the development or implementation of ILFI’s program requirements. 

We invite diverse subject matter experts, practitioners, researchers, sustainability professionals, and others passionate about developing regenerative buildings, products, and communities, as well as furthering socially equitable organizations. Our selection process will emphasize inclusivity as well as global expertise.

Please review the 2024-2025 ILFI Technical Advisory Groups Overview and the 2024-2025 ILFI TAGs Scopes of Work to understand expectations, benefits, and opportunities. For further inquiries please contact
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Energy and Carbon
The Energy and Carbon TAG will advise on how ILFI can ensure its programs continue to lead building teams to achieve aggressive energy and carbon reduction targets. Key areas of focus will be on program and standard updates, including approaches to offsite renewable agreements, processes, and market best practices (e.g., establishing PPAs, scalability beyond regional agreements); grid interactivity and integration approaches; defining and developing typology and scope requirements across the programs, specifically around interiors and existing buildings; identifying and designating equivalencies, including across tools, standards, and international or jurisdictional differences; carbon use intensity (CUI) work including building-specific targets, materials selection, LCA scope and stages, carbon caps, and more.

See the 2024-2025 ILFI TAGs Scopes of Work for more details.
Material Health
The Material Health TAG will identify and synthesize the latest research on chemicals of concern in the built environment and the impacts that building materials have on personal, community, and ecosystem health during their production, use, and end-of-life. This work will be framed within the following key objectives: Red List long-term updates, Declare and Living Product Challenge program updates, and Living Building Challenge Materials Petal updates. The TAG needs additional experts in toxicology, chemical hazard assessment, and chemical regulation, as well as manufacturers with experience in ingredient disclosure, product declarations, and certifications.

See the 2024-2025 ILFI TAGs Scopes of Work for more details.

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The goal of the Water TAG is to inform, review, and provide guidance and feedback on the significant evolution of the Living Building Challenge’s Water Petal. This group may also advise on the water requirements related to the Living Product Challenge. The TAG will work to ensure that ILFI programs define the leading-edge vision and quantify the impact of what buildings can do to achieve aggressive water reduction targets through responsible and regenerative water use.

See the 2024-2025 ILFI TAGs Scopes of Work for more details.

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Thank you for your interest in IFLI's work and in contributing your time and expertise to our TAG program. Please provide the following information with your application:

Examples include: PhD, MD, MPH, MS, RN, BSc, BA and AS or equivalent

Examples include: Living Future Accreditation (LFA), AIA, BEMP, BREEAM AP, CEM, EDAC, Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP), Fitwel Ambassador, HPI Assessor, LEED AP, LEED Green Associate, NCARB, WELL AP, WELL Faculty and WELL Performance Testing Agent, CDP, CDEIL, and other professional registrations and credentials.

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