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NOTE: Use this form to apply to be an individual Technical Advisor (TA). If you are interested in applying to join a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), please complete this form instead.

ILFI’s community of practice is vital to informing the technical development, continued industry leadership, and transparency of ILFI’s programs. ILFI’s volunteer Technical Advisors (TAs) are critical volunteer partners that represent industry leadership and deep technical expertise in relevant topic areas and are able to weigh in on decisions pertaining to the development or implementation of ILFI’s program requirements. 

We invite diverse subject matter experts, practitioners, researchers, sustainability professionals, and others passionate about developing regenerative buildings, products, and communities, as well as furthering socially equitable organizations. 

Please review the 2024-2025 ILFI Technical Advisor Overview to understand expectations, benefits, and opportunities. For further inquiries please contact
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Indoor Air Quality
ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in indoor air quality (IAQ) and leading IAQ standards to enhance requirements for creating healthier built environments. Particular expertise is sought in two areas: 1) designing for the prevention of environmental risks from allergens and airborne disease; and 2) balancing the effectiveness of IAQ requirements and industry standards with cost-efficiency, ensuring a meaningful balance between performance-based, high-quality indoor air solutions and feasibility for project teams. This includes in-depth knowledge of IAQ testing as well as other indoor environmental quality design aspects such as access to daylight and views, acoustic conditions, occupant control, and flexible workspaces.
Ecosystem Services/Biodiversity
  • Products: ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in assessing nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities for product manufacturers. This could include measurement, modeling, and documentation of ecosystem services and biodiversity footprints of businesses, and familiarity with nature-related data tools.
  • Buildings: ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in approaches to the built environment that maximize ecological health and integrity and foster increased biodiversity, including strategies that avoid fragmentation and sprawl, siting and planting design methodologies to maximize both onsite biodiversity and connectivity with the surrounding landscape, and methods for documenting performance.

Product Circularity
ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in the circular economy, as it pertains to product design and circular business models. This could include circular design, system mapping, product as a service, standardized design, design for longevity, repairability, and reuse, waste reduction, lifecycle analysis for circularity, circular supply chains, circular materials selection, etc.
Supply Chain Traceability for Products
ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in product supply chain traceability as it pertains to responsible sourcing, labor practices, and environmental impacts. This includes supplier sustainability, supplier training, supplier audits and verification, labor recruitment practices, environmental management in supply chain, carbon disclosure in supply chain, etc.
Off-site Renewables
ILFI seeks advisors with experience in off-site renewable energy generation. This could include specific expertise in system design, purchasing agreements, additionality, renewable energy investment schemes (REITs), and permitting.
Carbon Offsets
ILFI seeks advisors with experience in reliable and verifiable carbon offsets projects, including familiarity with Green-e® Climate certified offsets and the joint commitments by the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) and the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI). Additional expertise in local or regional offsetting schemes that prioritize and incentivize offsetting projects that encourage local benefits and climate justice outcomes will be prioritized.
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
ILFI seeks advisors with expertise in ESG frameworks as they relate to individual building or portfolio-scale assets. This could include experience in various ESG standards, verification processes, data collection, reporting, ESG goal-setting, and more.

Interest, Expertise, and Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in ILFI's work and in contributing your time and expertise to our programs. Please provide the following information with your application:

Examples include: PhD, MD, MPH, MS, RN, BSc, BA and AS or equivalent

Examples include: Living Future Accreditation (LFA), AIA, BEMP, BREEAM AP, CEM, EDAC, Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP), Fitwel Ambassador, HPI Assessor, LEED AP, LEED Green Associate, NCARB, WELL AP, WELL Faculty and WELL Performance Testing Agent, CDP, CDEIL, and other professional registrations and credentials.

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