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Legal Agreement

What you'll need

  • Between 1.5 - 2 hours (you can save and come back, see the upper right hand corner)
  • Download "Postcards from the Journey - InnerCHANGE Core Writings"
  • Some work history (including supervisor emails and phone numbers)
  • Be ready to read and agree to some lifestyle commitments
  • 5 references with email addresses & phone numbers (but only 3 have to send it in)
You should plan on the application taking you some dedicated time.  It's designed to help you discern some of what it will mean to join InnerCHANGE, and will give you an idea of what's expected. 

By submitting this application you are giving consent to InnerCHANGE to contact your references and others using the information that you provide in this application.

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Novo specializes in interpersonal ministry often involving sensitive issues, and a high degree of trust is placed on Novo staff.  As a result, Novo requires staff possess exemplary work histories, display financial responsibility and provide favorable references.

By submitting this application for employment, you hereby consents and authorize Novo to thoroughly investigate the your complete employment history, financial and credit status, available references, criminal record and other information pertinent to the performance of the prospective position with Novo.  As well, by signing, you waive any right against Novo for investigating such information.

Although Novo's investigation is performed with the utmost care and discretion possible, you acknowledge that Novo disclaims responsibility for any injury you may suffer by Novo's investigation.  (Please contact your references and previous employers, etc now, before you submit your application.  They will/may be notified soon after receiving your application.)

Novo's investigation may include, but is not limited to, credit checks, financial investigations, contacting previous employers and/or references, as well as utilizing national index information.


I understand and agree that Novo will investigate the information on this application.  In order to guarantee confidentiality to those submitted as references, I waive my right to preview my references according to the Freedom of Information Act. 

Name | Email | Phone Address
Name | Email | Phone

format MM/DD/YYYY


(555 555 5555)


What are you applying for?

NOTE: You can only apply to one team on this application. However, if you are interested in more than one, you can email us at and let us know which other ones you are interested in.


Service Opportunities How did you hear about us?
Service Opportunities

This lists your application to a service opportunity.
1 year Apprenticeships

3 year Apprenticeships

How did you hear about us?

Why InnerCHANGE?

We’re basically looking for you to cue up the highlight reel and tell us about your passions, talents, work experiences, unique skills (example: ability to speak a foreign language, etc.) and anything else that has shaped who you are. (Take as much space as you need.)

Download here (but we recommend you save first!)

Download postcards here.

Spiritual Life

Work, Education, and Experiences

Your Education

Please provide information on your education and any addtional relevant training.




Your Work History

Please provide information about any of your adult employment. (Previous 10 years only).


Your Learning Experiences

Please take some time to describe three experiences you've had in the past and what you've learned from them.  This will give us a sense of the experience you bring with you as you consider InnerCHANGE.  We're especially looking for experiences that lead to learning or achievement in the following categories: missions/ministry, cross-cultural interaction, leadership, and team participation.

We'd especially like to hear about at least one experience which was difficult, challenging or perhaps didn't end up going very well.  Take as much space and time as you need.

(Click "Add Another" to add another experience.)

Answer all that apply.


Family Life

InnerCHANGE Dating Policy
Dating Guidelines & Policy

Apprenticeship Dating Agreement

The InnerCHANGE Apprenticeship Handbook currently states:

"Due to the demands and commitments of the apprenticeship, we ask apprentices who are considering marriage to wait until after the apprenticeship.  New dating relationships, while not prohibited, must not compete with an apprentice's primary commitments."


In addition, each team may have more specific dating guidelines relevant to their team and ministry context.  This agreement includes an expectation that you will consult with your mentor and team leader regarding your dating status as needed.

If you agree, click below. If not, email us to let us know why you're not there yet, and keep working on the other stuff.  We'll get back to you quickly so it shouldn't delay submitting by much.  

Not ready to agree to this? Click on "I want to talk with someone about it before I agree" and we'll contact you.

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About your children

Church Life

Your Home Church



We request that you provide us with references from others who know you well. Please ask at least three individuals who have spiritually nurtured and worked alongside you and have known you for at least one year.  You may include an InnerCHANGE member, but please add them as a 4th reference below.  Please include only individuals who are outside of your family, and include one pastoral reference.

In order for your references to fill out their form, YOU are required to send them the following link: This will direct them to the InnerCHANGE reference form. Please don't miss this. We will not be sending them the reference form, that responsibility is in your hands.

On this application, we ask for their names and contact info so that we can get in touch with them for further information if need be.

What happens with your references: 

You send them the link to the reference form. We will update you if we have not heard from your references.  If later on you feel that a reference will likely not respond and you would like to enter a different email address, please notify us at:



The Last Question

So we know that sometimes applications can be intimidating.  There's always this nagging sense to answer the questions the "right" way. You can start to wonder if saying something wrong will get yourself cut from the team. Worst of all, we write all the questions and you rarely get to answer the question that you really feel is the core question, so it's hard to give the best impression of yourself.  

In order to give you a chance to say it all...say anything...get an automatic A+ on a question, we've got THE LAST QUESTION. It's a wild-card. A freebie. We're letting you write your own question, and we want your own best answer.

THE LAST QUESTION: (Write your own question and answer)