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Because PG Retreat is a family event supporting the social-emotional needs of profoundly gifted children, as well as those of their parents and siblings, please list all family members who may attend.

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For the following sections, please provide information regarding your profoundly gifted child or children, and what you seek to gain from your family attending PG Retreat. As a gathering of families, as opposed to a professionally operated camp, we generally do not take the approach of "accepting" or "rejecting" applicants. Rather, we seek information to help us advise you as to whether your family would likely benefit from attending PG Retreat, as well as to gain a better understanding of how you would fit into the overall community.





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​PG Retreat serves the unique needs of families who have profoundly gifted children. With this in mind, please review your application to ensure that you have fully answered all questions with information that will best assist the reviewers in determining the best fit between PGR and applicants.

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